Boy, 14, was trying to protect his girlfriend before being stabbed to death by two masked teens at local mall

A 14-year-old has been remembered as "an amazing son, brother, friend and teammate" after he was stabbed to death at the Eastridge Mall in Casper, Wyoming.

As reported by the New York Post, police say Bobby Maher lost his life while attempting to protect his girlfriend from two masked teens.

Law enforcement was dispatched at approximately 1:40PM on April 7 in response to reports of an unconscious individual.

Emergency dispatch had received multiple calls indicating that a juvenile, later identified as Maher Jr., was unconscious and CPR had been initiated. Upon arrival, several adults present at the scene were already administering first aid to Maher.
Prior to the stabbing, Maher's girlfriend contacted him and told him that the suspects - later identified as Jarreth Plunkett and Dominique Harris - were allegedly following her and a friend around the shopping complex.

Upon arriving at the mall, Maher attempted to escort his girlfriend and her companion to safety while repeatedly instructing the suspects to leave, as detailed in the criminal complaint.

According to authorities, Maher was fatally stabbed with a kitchen knife by two balaclava-clad teenagers after intervening.

Surveillance footage captured the harrowing encounter, showing Maher retreating from the attackers. Plunkett reportedly taunted Maher, daring him to fight, while Harris lifted Maher off the ground and violently assaulted him. Moments later, Plunkett allegedly stabbed Maher with a "kitchen-style knife" before both suspects fled the scene, discarding the weapon and their masks in the parking lot, per the complaint.

Following their apprehension, the suspects confessed to stealing the knife from a Target store inside the mall shortly before the altercation.
Speaking to police, both Plunkett and Harris' statements aligned with the video footage obtained and reviewed by law enforcement.

Harris confessed to slamming Maher to the ground, while Plunkett admitted to stabbing Maher. Plunkett also stated that he stabbed Maher after Harris had slammed him to the ground, per Wyoming News Now.

During the interview process, Plunkett and Harris also admitted that - throughout the altercation - Maher made no attempt to strike anyone, even after Plunkett had punched him in the face. They described Maher as walking backward, away from Plunkett, and urging them to put down the knife. These details were corroborated by numerous witness statements collected at the scene.

Additionally, one of Maher's friends revealed that the suspects, known to them as "JJ and Dom", attended the same middle school as the victim.

Plunkett faces charges including first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, aggravated assault and battery, and theft, while Harris is charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, aggravated assault and battery, and misdemeanor theft.

Both defendants, charged as adults, had their bonds set at $500,000 and $450,000, respectively, during an initial court appearance.

A GoFundMe has since been launched to help raise funds for the teenager's funeral. The page states: "We are trying to raise money to help cover the costs of his funeral expenses. [Maher] has left behind his dad Robert, his mom Mary, and his 3 brothers.

"He was an amazing son, brother, friend and teammate! Bobby loved his family and was not only an amazing kid in school but in general.

"He had such an amazing passion for playing basketball. We are heartbroken and will never be the same without him. Any help will be greatly appreciated by his family."
As of this writing, more than $37,000 has been raised.

Our thoughts go out to Maher's family and loved ones at this time.

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