Woman Whose Ex-Husband Won $273 Million Lottery Doesn't Want To Pay His Alimony Anymore

Nearly two decades ago, Mike Weirsky proposed to his then-girlfriend, Eileen, at a QuickChek convenience store in New Jersey.
Mike and Eileen were married for 15 years before they divorced in early 2019. Money was always an issue for them.

Eileen, who made the bulk of their income throughout their marriage, was court-ordered to pay Mike spousal support for five years.

In March 2019, the winner of the Mega Millions lottery was announced. The winning ticket was purchased in New Jersey, at the very same QuickChek where Mike popped the question to Eileen so many years ago. She was understandably shocked to discover her ex-husband was the big winner.

Mike, who was reportedly unemployed for the duration of their marriage, won $273 million just months after the divorce was finalized.

With her ex's newfound fortune, the financial tides have turned; Eileen says the amount she's paying Mike in alimony is like "pocket change" for him.

Talk to moms about mom stuff. And make money doing it. But she's not looking for a piece of his monumental winnings. And she's not looking to reconcile their relationship.

Eileen says she's looking for only one thing.

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