Hero Construction Worker Sees Scared Teen Running To Him, Knows Abuser Is Coming For Her

Kevin Huntington may look like your average construction worker, but now he can add another title to his name: hero. While Kevin was busy doing road work along I-95 in northern Virginia, he noticed a car speeding toward his work zone.
Things took a bizarre turn when distraught female teenager jumped out of the car and frantically ran up to Kevin and his coworkers.

After telling him the man in the car was trying to kill her, Kevin immediately called 911 and told the terrified teen to stay close behind him. She did. He assured her nothing was going to happen to her as long as he was there. Though it didn't feel like it at the time, she was finally safe.

It wasn't until after the male driver was arrested that Kevin learned the shocking truth. As it turned out, police were alerted to a possible abduction on the interstate, and were in the middle of tracking the suspect down when his car nearly hit Kevin at his work site. The man was arrested, accused of kidnapping and assaulting the 18-year-old girl.

Kevin is now being hailed a hero, and news outlets all over the country are picking up on this harrowing story.

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