Woman with 30ml lip filler admits she finds it difficult to eat and drink

A woman who has had 30ml of lip filler has revealed that eating and drinking is now a lot harder than it used to be.
Vienna Würstel, a self-proclaimed "plastic fantastic" beauty enthusiast, has left the internet in awe with her astonishing 30ml lips.

Despite facing relentless online trolls, she remains resolute in her quest for ever-plumper lips, showcasing her larger-than-life pout on social media.

Vienna, who resides in Mallorca, Spain, candidly confessed that her supersized lips make sipping beverages a Herculean task, dubbing herself "more lips than human."
Despite naysayers insisting her pout is the result of filters or that she resembles a duck, Vienna isn't afraid to set the record straight. In one online video, she astounded viewers by revealing the jaw-dropping volume of filler in her lips.

"I've had 3CC (3ml), 7CC (7ml), and 7CC (7ml) in previous procedures. Altogether, there's around 30CC (30ml) in my lips right now, and I hope to have more in the future," Vienna declared.

Addressing concerns about the safety of her procedures, she assured her audience: "All the plastic surgeons I go to are highly qualified. If they weren't, they couldn't achieve these lip sizes, so yes, I'm safe."

Vienna also tackled the inevitable question of how she eats and drinks with her colossal lips. She admitted that eating is manageable, particularly with soft foods, but drinking poses more significant challenges.

"It's quite hard," she confessed, before taking a bite of a snack and noting: "Eating goes quite well if you eat something soft. But drinking is [harder] than that."

As she sipped water, a droplet escaped her lips, prompting her to remark: "So you can see a droplet got out. But I have to be honest; I could now play the 'huge lips, I'm so disabled [because of] my lips' card, but I have these lips and I had to adapt to the changing world I have. I'm getting better with every practice."

While Vienna's lips may leave many speechless, it's essential to remember that procedures like these come with risks.

Untrained individuals administering lip fillers or Botox often fail to provide proper information, leading to potential complications.

Customers can be at risk of tissue damage, severe infections, and even blindness, with estimates suggesting that 200 people have lost their sight after receiving fillers, as per the Sun.

Dr. Tim Pearce, a prominent Aesthetic Clinician and Trainer, recommends never using more than 1ml of dermal filler in the lips per treatment session. Overdoing it in one go can lead to poor aesthetic results or issues like vascular compression and lumpiness.

Vienna's TikTok clip has created a viral sensation, amassing millions of views and leaving social media users both amazed and perplexed.

As for how her turbo-plumped lips feel, Vienna revealed that the texture of her lips is more like a "thumb" rather than the soft pillowy texture most people have due to the volume of filler within them.

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