Strange looking item has everyone on the internet completely baffled

Sometimes, we come across things on the internet that leave us scratching our heads. This particular item had everyone confused till the explanation helped shed some light…

Keep reading to learn about exactly what this item was and how it was meant to be used…

According to BrightSide someone posed a question accompanied by a confusing picture. They were rifling through their dad’s drawer when they came across an item they had not seen before. It was cylindrical in shape and also had two attachments appearing on its side.

According to BrightSide, the query was posted, ’My mom found this in my dad’s drawer. Is it what I am afraid of?’’

According to BrightSide, the original query was posed on Reddit, an online community that people often turn to when they have strange requests and questions.
The community on Reddit, as always, came through and helped the poster figure out what the object was.

In reality, the mystery item was pretty innocent, an extra attachment for a juicer. It was a part of a Sunbeam Mixmaster juicer attachment. The original attachment had a bowl that was attached to the top of the mixer, and this spout would have juice poured out of it. The wire part was there to help filter out the pulp.

When the entire item is explained, it suddenly makes so much sense. Otherwise, it can seem incredibly confusing.
The idea that the original poster might have been confused about the use and baffled at what it could be is quite a funny visual. Since the item was missing the bowl it was attached too, it must have been nearly impossible to figure out what it could be!

All in all, you might have never expected that this strange looking contraption would have anything to do with a juicer but it did!

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