Mom Criticized For Lasering Her Child’s Port-Wine Stain Caused By Medical Condition Despite Making The ‘Right’ Decision

Being a mother is already a hard task for women as they constantly need to provide for their children’s needs, such as food, emotional support, love, and the like. However, there was one baby boy who needed more attention due to a medical condition that was crucial for his health.

According to an article published by Daily Mail UK, a mom named Brooke Atkins welcomed her son Kingsley in 2023. Aside from being a stay-at-home mother to her children, she also loves interacting with her followers on Instagram through her baby boy’s account.

Shortly after Kingsley was born, the woman and her partner, Kewene Wallace, noticed that there was something different about their child’s face as a red birthmark started appearing.

It was later determined that the baby had a port wine birthmark. Although this kind of mark on a person’s body is typically harmless, it is crucial if it covers the face.

According to a report by Children’s Hospital, this type of mark could also be linked to Sturge-Weber syndrome: a serious condition that could cause glaucoma and seizures. Not all port wine stains are Sturge-Weber syndrome, but the baby was diagnosed with the condition.

Unfortunately for the young boy, he had the condition and also suffered from seizures, and one of the ways to treat it was through laser treatment.

The website noted that port wine stain birthmarks could be treated through laser treatment, and it could be done for a child as young as 1 month old.

This type of treatment could help destroy the abnormal blood vessels without damaging the skin around the birthmark. Through the sessions, it is possible that the mark gets completely removed or lightened.
In the interview, Atkins noted that after her baby was born, she and her partner were referred to Queensland Children’s Hospital's dermatology and vascular department.

The medical institution walked them through the details of getting a treatment called a Pulsed Dye Laser which would make the baby more healthy.

“The purpose of the laser treatments are not to 'remove' the birthmark but instead keep the skin healthy, to prevent any further damage to the area,” she said.

Even though Kingsley’s laser treatment was recommended by experts, Atkins was left crying after trolls slammed her on social media to the point that users called her a “monster.”

“Honestly, when I first started reading the negative comments, I sat there for a good half an hour and cried to myself,” she told the outlet.

Atkins added that she felt guilty about getting her child a laser treatment and even questioned if it was the right decision.

“It made me question my decision, even though I knew I was doing the right thing.” she said.

Fortunately, there were a lot of people who supported the mom and her baby through Kingsley’s health journey.

“You are a brilliant parent ! Take no notice of the negative posts,” one wrote.

“Sending so much strength for you as parents and family to go through this!!! Hopefully the medication is enough!” another one wrote.

In a series of photos shared in July 2023, it appears that Kingsley is doing great as he celebrated the first birthday of his cousin named Carter. Some of the snaps showed the baby boy’s face, which had a lighter hue of red compared to his birthmark during the early months of his treatment.

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