London named among 36 global cities that will be underwater first

Another city close to home will also be one of the first to go underwater
With rising sea levels happening all across the world causing frequent flooding, it’s only a matter of time before the first cities begin to submerge underwater.

And according to research conducted by Matthew h. Mash, co-founder of the swiftest, in 2022, London will be one of the first cities.

Based on accumulated reports, tools, and stories provided by climate central,, and the intergovernmental panel on climate change, he has been able to identify which cities will go first.

If sea levels go up by 1.5 metres and it gets three degrees warmer, that could lead to cities being submerged.
London is one of the highest ranked among the 36, placing ninth, while neighbours Dublin are also included in the list at number 23.

According to Euromonitor, around 226 million people could be directly impacted by rising sea levels in the future.

Additionally, if there isn’t a cutdown on using gasses that make the planet hotter, sea levels may rise even higher, by 2.5 metres by 2100.

The 36 cities are:

. Tokyo, Japan

. Mumbai, India

. New York City, USA

. Osaka, Japan

. Istanbul, Turkey

. Kolkata, India

. Bangkok, Thailand

. Jakarta, Indonesia

. London, United Kingdom

. Dhaka, Bangladesh

. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

. San Francisco, USA

. Miami, USA

. Alexandria, Egypt

. Sydney, Australia

. Boston, USA

. Lisbon, Portugal

. Dubai, UAE

. Vancouver, Canada

. Abu Dhabi, UAE

. Copenhagen, Denmark

. New Orleans, USA

. Dublin, Ireland

. Honolulu, USA

. Amsterdam, Netherlands

. Cancun, Mexico

. Venice, Italy

. Charleston, USA

. Macau, China

. Male, Maldives

. Long Beach, USA

. Savannah, USA

. Nassau, Bahamas

. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

. Cockburn Town, Turks and Caicos

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