John Fury offers to fight Carl Froch at Wembley

Well, Froch has already sold it out once before…
John Fury has offered to fight Carl Froch at Wembley as the feud between the pair ramps up.

In recent days, Fury and Froch have been involved in a war of worlds after the former super-middleweight world champions criticised John’s son, Tyson, after his fight with Oleksandr Usyk was postponed.

The heavyweight suffered a cut to his eye during a sparring session in training, forcing him to delay the unification bout with the Ukrainian. The fight was due to take place on February 17 but will now happen on May 18.

Following the news, Froch said the later date could benefit Fury as he thought the Gypsy King was “looking sloppy” in training footage.

This didn’t go down well with Fury Sr, who has now offered to fight Froch at Wembley, a venue the Nottingham fighter famously sold out for his rematch with George Groves in May 2014.
In a video on Instagram, the 59-year-old said: “Video to Carl The Snake Froch. You’re having plenty to say mate on your little podcast channel.

“John Fury’s rung the bell for you again, got you plenty of content, plenty of viewing figures that you were after.

“Listen, your mate George Groves said something very interesting. You and me, Wembley Stadium, 93,000 crowd. I’m up for that, my friend. You’ve had plenty to say. I have. I stand by every word I’ve said. You don’t like me. Let’s see what you can do what about it.”

He continued: “Hater versus Top Father; that’s what we’ll call this.

“But, it’s got to make business sense. Get your people to contact me directly… get the contracts joined up, I will fight you, Wembley Stadium, this year.

“Don’t worry about that. John Fury will not back out of the fight with you my friend.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Fury has offered to fight someone, something that fans were keen to point out.

Reacting to the clip, one person wrote: “When’s the last time big John had a boxing match ? He’s like a honey badger just wants to fight everyone.”

Another said: “This doesn’t sell 93 tickets never mind 93k.”

A third wrote: “Has someone kept a tally of the amount of people John Fury has offered to fight?”

Others were pinning their colours to the mast. One fan said they were “backing Big John all the way,” whilst someone else commented that Froch would “batter” him.

Don’t hold your breath over this one going any further than social media.

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