Watch: Venomous snake found lurking in public toilet

A venomous snake was found lurking inside a public toilet in Australia.

The creature was wrestled from the cistern and into a black bag by a skilled snake catcher before eventually being freed into the wilderness.

Tennille Banks, who lured the spotted black snake out from the loo, said they have a “natural instinct to go into holes” and that toilets offer a place to cool down or catch a snack – usually frogs.

Speaking to the Guardian, Ms Banks said: “It’s not like they go in there and they linger. It is usually just to get a drink, or to look for a food source.

“You quite often find frogs in toilet bowls, in public toilets,” she added.

The snake, also known as the blue-bellied black snake, was discovered in the rural town of Goondiwindi in Queensland.

Usually a shy animal, the species is known to defend itself aggressively if threatened.
If the snake does bite, it often hangs on and chews, ensuring a good dose of highly toxic venom is injected.

The discovery of the creature in the Queensland toilet came after a recent rise in sightings of serpents in homes and public buildings on Australia’s east coast amid weeks of intense storms.

The weather has created perfect conditions for frogs to thrive.

Late last year, a large snake fell from a roof during a podcast recording in Sydney.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, a massive 16-foot-long King Cobra was caught on a golf course earlier this week.

The snake, which is highly venomous, ran wild among players and caddies when it appeared on the green at the course in the eastern Chonburi province before being captured by a team of skilled rescuers.

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