High School Senior Takes Grandma To Prom Who Has Been Waiting To Go Since 1961

A lot of high school students live for specific events during their high school career. Whether that be a homecoming dance, prom, or graduation- these events can be formative in a high schooler. For one woman named Josephine in Camarillo, California, she never got to experience her prom back in 1961, over 60 years ago. However, a very special young man in her life would take her sad memory and turn it into one of her fondest life memories.

High school senior, Michael Ganczewski, was saddened when he learned that his grandmother, Josephine, never made it to her prom. His grandma never made it to her prom many years ago because her family could not afford it at the time. Two weeks before his senior prom, Ganczewski was still without a prom date. He soon came to the realization that he could have the date of a lifetime, his nana.

After asking his grandma to prom, she initially turned her grandson down. Seeing as the prom took place on Mother’s Day weekend, the proud grandmother expressed how loved she felt by her grandson. On the day of the prom, Josephine wore a beautiful dress and even wore a corsage. Headed into the special evening, Josephine’s only worry was surrounding her dancing, but she quickly realized it didn’t matter as long as she was with her grandson. Josephine drove the iconic prom duo to the Vineyards in Simi Valley and, upon arrival, was met by all the other prom goers that evening. If the night wasn’t already a night to remember, the woman who never made it to her prom in 1961- was crowned prom queen.

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In an interview reported by CBS Los Angeles, the high school senior shared, "She is the most important woman in my life . If it wasn't for her my mom wouldn't be here and she wouldn't have had me. And I love her and I'd do anything for her," he said.

At first, his grandma rejected her grandson's idea. "I said I'm an old lady. I'm not going to the prom," she said. Thinking that he would have a line of dates out of the door, she said she wanted him to have his pick of the litter. "He's gorgeous, he could take a lot of pretty girls. And he said, 'No, you're going,'" she added.

Another hesitancy she had in attending was her lack of dance moves. "Well, I don't know any new dances but I plan to my best," she admitted.

The proud grandmother revealed that having her grandson want to take her, out of all the women he could have taken to prom, isn’t something she takes lightly. She also said that the memory is something she will never ever forget. "For the rest of my life, however long that is, I will never forget that he wanted to bring his Nana and show me a good time, " she shared. She went on to say how amazing the gesture was. "That to me is very special,” she added.

As if taking your grandma to prom isn’t the sweetest thing already- the duo was even more surprised at the end of the night. According to the local news station, Josephine was crowned prom queen. Waiting since 1961, the wait was worth it.

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