YouTuber MrBeast slammed for ‘tipping’ server a new car

MrBeast is facing mixed reactions to his latest viral TikTok in which he claimed to gift a waitress with a brand-new car — wrapped with logos promoting his business ventures.

The most-followed YouTuber in the world, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, posted the 42-second clip on Monday, in which he asks a server named Amy about the biggest tip she’s ever received.

“Like $50,” she replied.

“Has anyone ever tipped a car?” Donaldson asked, handing her a set of keys to a black Toyota sedan.

An emotional Amy can’t believe her luck as Donaldson, 24, leads her outside to check out her new ride, which has the logo of his chocolate brand Feastables printed on the side.
Inside, a Feastables chocolate bar also sits in the cupholder. The logo for the MrBeast YouTube channel — which has 139 million subscribers — is printed on the hood.
“I was literally late to work today because the Uber was slow,” Amy told Donaldson.

“I’m in such shock right now,” she added. “I don’t even know how to drive.”

“Amy’s been getting to work without a car for months, thanks to you we changed that :-),” Donaldson captioned the clip, which has more than 53.2 million views.
This kind of content isn’t new to Donaldson, who reportedly gave away around $3.2 million last year, according to Insider. Sometimes, his pals and subscribers are recruited to compete in challenges, such as living in a spray-painted circle for 100 days or a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek.

In January, Donaldson took some heat for a different viral video — titled “1,000 Blind People See For The First Time” — that featured people whose sight was restored after surgery. Some accused the YouTuber of paying for the surgeries as a stunt to get clicks, but Donaldson seemed to defend the video on Twitter.

Some fans weren’t impressed that Amy’s prize doubles as a promotion for Donaldson and his chocolate line. “Sorry but the Feastables wrapping kinda ruined it,” one commenter said.

“I’m gonna be honest. It’s nice she got a car but I am not driving a car around that has Feastables on the side,” another declared.

“I’d rather be caught riding around in a trash can than that,” one boldly stated.

But other viewers had a different mindset.

“Bruh so many people complaining about the Feastables wrap. If I get a free car wrap it in whatever you want,” one person wrote.
“People acting like just bc it’s a Feastables wrap it ain’t a free car,” another said.

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