Mum bans kids from watching Peppa Pig because she’s ‘rude with an attitude problem’

Peppa Pig has been banned from a household for her ‘poor values’

Brittany has four kids, but none of them are allowed to watch the cult kids show because Peppa is ‘rude and stupid’.

“Children are impressionable, always copying what they see and hear,” she wrote in a post online.

“Aside from Peppa’s attitude, the characters are caricatures: a perceptively unintelligent mother and a useless father (who gets picked on for his size).”

She added: “I don’t think it’s acceptable to display this to my children who use characters on the TV as role models.”

Although the mum doesn’t give her kids much screen time, she thinks that TV can be good as a ‘moderated form of downtime’ or when used as a learning tool.

Not when it comes to Peppa, though.
“Peppa Pig is deceptive – it is not as ‘lightweight’ as you might think. These underlying poor values are soaked up by young children.”

Brittany even believes that there was a link between her children’s behaviour and the shows they watch.

“I recently found that my eldest had a change of attitude and his imaginative play became aggressive and rude after we had watched PJ Masks [a Netflix show] a few times, so I phased it out ASAP!”

Parents flocked to the comments to respond to Brittany’s claims, with many agreeing with her.

“Can’t stand Peppa Pig. We have stayed away from her,” one person put.

A second said: “I hate how she talks over her friends. I do not allow Peppa Pig in my house. My youngest watched it once and I’ve had problems ever since.”

However, a third wrote: “This post is very stupid. Nothing about Peppa Pig is rude. The characters are very polite and intelligent which makes it very educational.”

Someone else added: “My kiddo loves Peppa Pig, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Peppa is a bit sassy, but I’ve seen more positive influences from him watching it than negative.”

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