Mia Khalifa left in tears after fan’s girlfriend made vile joke about her adult film career

Mia Khalifa found herself in tears when a fan's girlfriend made an apparently offensive joke about her past in the adult film industry. In a 2021 interview with YouTube personality Anthony Padilla, the 30-year-old former adult star recounted a distressing incident during a dinner outing with friends.
Khalifa, whose real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun, gained initial fame through what she characterized as a "challenging" career in adult entertainment. Despite producing only a few videos, including a controversial one where she engaged in explicit acts while wearing a hijab, Khalifa quickly became widely known and, at one point, ranked among the most searched adult stars globally.
Nevertheless, following a brief tenure in the industry, Khalifa began speaking out about the mistreatment she endured from individuals who took advantage of her vulnerability. Even though she appeared to move on, the social media personality revealed that her past in the adult film industry continues to haunt her.

Recalling an incident during a business meeting in London with a recently signed company and her manager, Khalifa shared the unsettling encounter with Padilla. While celebrating a successful press tour, a man and his girlfriend approached her for a photo. Politely declining due to the professional setting and her ongoing lunch, Khalifa admitted she could have handled the situation differently.

Unexpectedly, the encounter took a distressing turn when the man's girlfriend made a tasteless and offensive joke at Khalifa's expense, suggesting that there wasn't enough explicit content on her face. Stunned and emotionally affected, Khalifa excused herself to the bathroom to collect her emotions.

Fortunately, the colleagues present at the meeting were empathetic and supportive, reassuring Khalifa that the incident wouldn't impact their professional relationship.

Recently, the celebrity shared more insights into her entry into the adult film industry during an episode of Steven Bartlett's Diary Of A CEO podcast.

"I was persuaded to elope to Las Vegas just four days after turning 18," she recounted. "At that time, I lacked a strong sense of self, and I clung to someone who was willing to exploit that vulnerability. This person recognized my malleability and eagerness to please—creating the perfect storm."
Nevertheless, the situation took a more ominous turn when her husband, a member of the US Army at the time, introduced her to the adult entertainment industry.

"He exposed me to that entire [adult film] world and encouraged my involvement," she disclosed, expressing her discomfort with labeling it as a "relationship."

"I hesitate to even call it a relationship because the dynamic didn't resemble one. It felt more like someone who saw me as a toy to play with," she added.

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