Former UFC star Paige VanZant calls Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's romance '100 percent fake'

Former UFC star Paige VanZant expressed strong opinions about the highly-publicized relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, and 'Traylor' shippers might not be pleased with her take.
The emerging romance between Swift and Kelce has been a hot topic among fans, gaining public attention after weeks of speculation.

However, on the latest episode of her podcast 'Page and Austin,' the ex-professional mixed martial artist made bold claims, suggesting that the 33-year-old singer and the 34-year-old NFL star are involved in a relationship that is "100 percent fake."

Why does she think so? According to VanZant, she believes Swift is attempting to connect with a demographic that has been elusive for her in the past.
"I firmly believe that the 'love story' between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is 100 percent staged," she asserted on the show. "Come at me, Swifties. I've got UFC fans coming after me, so I think I can handle the Swifties."

She went on to elaborate on the rationale behind her perspective.

"It's all about publicity. It's — firstly, it's a significant boost for the NFL because, yes, the NFL is massive. Taylor Swift is massive, and now she's attracting an entirely different demographic to tune in to the NFL," VanZant explained. "Consider the wives who are now buying Travis Kelce jerseys. It's a massive publicity move on both fronts. It benefits Taylor Swift, it benefits the NFL, and it benefits Travis Kelce."

"There's a lot of strategic maneuvering happening," she added.

Take a look at the controversial clip below:

Certainly, some Swifties responded negatively to the comments, labeling the former UFC star as "jealous."

"Calling anything 'fake' should be the last thing she does," added another Swiftie.

On Instagram, skepticism prevailed.

"Yeah, because Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were really struggling for publicity before this. I mean, she could barely fill a stadium! She really needed something to generate some attention. I can't imagine how challenging it must be to have a relationship with cameras constantly following you. How about we just leave them alone and let them have a relationship," commented one user under the clip.

"It seems like YOU are the one seeking publicity! There, I said it!" another user pointed out.

Nevertheless, the skepticism did not deter others from entertaining the possibility that the romance is staged.

"The hired photos revealed to get the very staged Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce reenactment of running to hug Joe Alwyn after the Rep concert in her Doc. This is a PR stunt; they aren't dating. It's [100] fake. You're welcome," wrote one user. Others suggested Swift might be concealing her "true sexuality," but such comments were dismissed by fellow fans.

"I am begging the Gaylors to recognize that 'Taylor and Travis are profiting from their relationship' is not enough to support an argument that their relationship is fake. For the love of god, you are missing the most important casual link and you don’t even seem to realize it," one user countered.

Another user expressed frustration with comments stating, "Taylor is not bi. She’s straight. She’s not flagging. That’s a made-up conspiracy theory. Travis is her real boyfriend. She doesn’t have fake relationships. PR relationships don’t exist."
Well, if the relationship is as "fake" as some people are claiming, then give both Swift and Kelce an Oscar because that is great acting.

I mean, it was only a few weeks ago when she ran into his arms and planted a big ol' kiss on his lips for God's sake - it was the perfect rom-com scene!

Either way, they've got me happily fooled.

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