Woman sobs at law bar exam results after grandparents remortgage house to pay for school

A woman has shared the emotional moment she found out she had passed her barrister exam. She was sitting next to her grandparents, who even remortgaged their house to make her dreams come true

A tearful law student who shared the incredible moment she passed her barrister exams has gone viral online as thousands of people were moved by her heartfelt story.

What made the moment even more special was that she found out at the same time as her grandparents, who have been her "biggest supporters", and even remortgaged their house to make the whole thing possible.

Seren Lewis, 22, and her grandparents Lynne, 73, and Brian Lewis, all from South Wales crowded round the computer to find out if she had passed her university barrister exam.

She had studied for five years at the University of Manchester, three years of undergraduate law, one year of master's and a one-year barrister course.

All three were elated and very emotional after finding out she had passed her exams after all her hard work.

Seren has since claimed the support of her grandparents, especially after losing her dad to cancer two years ago, got her through.

They even decided to remortgage their house that they had paid off so that their granddaughter could live out her dream.

Opening up about the moment they found out the happy news, Seren said: "This moment was special to me because I was able to celebrate my success with the two people that enabled me to have this success.

"I honestly felt sick for weeks leading up to the results. I've never felt nerves like it. It actually made me feel physically ill at points.

"My grandparents have always been my biggest supporters through any achievement - big or small."
According to the caption on her video on TikTok, her grandparents took her in at two years old, and retired early to take care of her, which was "the most selfless act" she could think of.

After her dad passed away, her grandparents have been her biggest supporters, and she wanted them there when she found out the results in case things didn't go to plan.

Seren continued: "They gave me the confidence to open them and know it would be okay even if I didn't pass the first time

"My relationship with both my grandparents is extremely close. There's a big generational gap between us which meant teaching them a lot over the years but they have also taught me to be a strong and confident woman."
Seren had been studying incredibly hard for the exams, but she's really proud of herself for doing it.

She said: "I think I'm the first lawyer in the family and especially the first barrister and I'm proud of that in itself. A lot of people who do this have family members who work in the legal profession, so that is something I'm really proud of.

"My dad has always been immensely proud of me and all my siblings, no matter how big the achievement. He knew I wanted to become a barrister so he would be ridiculously proud of me today."

Unfortunately, Seren's dad passed away before she got her master's degree, and the "only way" she learned to cope with his passing was by making sure she was doing him proud.

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