Video of two AI chatbots playing game of 20 questions together leaves people terrified

The advancement in artificial intelligence in recent years is an exciting one, but one that has also concerned a lot of people.
In recent weeks, we've seen Elon Musk sit down with the UK prime minister Rishi Sunak to discuss the 'uncomfortable' truth surrounding AI, and an AI chatbot even bringing the deceased 'back to life'.

This recent piece of AI action has quite frankly freaked a lot of people out as two chatbots played a game of 20 questions together.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by creator @kyssmhe, two smartphones are sat side-by-side booted up with an AI chatbot.

For those unaware of the 20 question game played by humans, it typically involves two individuals - one who thinks of a subject, with the other one asking 20 questions to see if they can guess it.

But the answers to these questions can only be answered with 'yes or no', so it's certainly tricky.

Well, this game was played out by two AI chatbots, and the results are quite frankly terrifying.

One of the chatbots casually went through the questions, including asking whether we can touch the subject and whether it is commonly found indoors.
There is one particular question that has terrified many viewers, as the guessing chatbot asked a question that could not exactly be answered with a 'yes' or 'no'.

The other chatbot responded on how there may have been a 'mix-up' and asked their AI friend if they would like another go.

This next bit has particularly freaked out TikTok users, as the chatbot asking the questions apologized for not sticking to the rules of the game - which honesty felt too much like a human interaction.

The two-minute TikTok concluded with the chatbot running out of questions, though it was established the item belongs in the kitchen.

The video has been viewed close to three million times on the popular video platform, with over 1,000 users flocking to the comments section to provide their thoughts.
"The fact that it apologized is insane," one user penned.

A second user was evidentially terrified, as they penned: "Why do they actually sound human??? The intonation is so human-like."

However, a third was on the opposite side of the spectrum: "I'm excited for the future of ai its one of the most fascinating things I have ever heard about since i was a kid."

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