People are calling Joaquin Phoenix one of the ‘greatest actors ever’ after seeing test footage from Joker

Joaquin Phoenix is known for being one of the best actors of his generation, and he has a whole host of awards to prove it.
The actor has even achieved one of the highest honours of any actor – after 3 prior nominations, Phoenix bagged himself the Oscar for Best Actor back in 2020.

This was for his role in Joker which left viewers absolutely blown away with his spooky portrayal of the classic character.

The film was so well received that a sequel is due to hit cinemas next year, with the addition of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn.

However, the latest news from the film to have peaked fans’ interests is Phoenix’s original audition footage.

The clip shows the 49-year-old actor taking on the role of Arthur Fleck, a troubled comedian, falling into the role of the sadistic clown he later turns into.

Fans have been littering the clip with praise online.

“What I love about this is that it’s just a wardrobe and make-up test, but Joaquin is so in character it doesn’t feel like a production test at all,” one person said. “You are seeing the real joker right then and there before your very eyes.”

“Joaquin Phoenix has got to be one of the greatest actors ever. Since I first saw him in Gladiator, his acting is always beyond convincing. In the role of Commodus, you can see in his eyes that he carries a grief for being rejected by his father his whole life,” a second put. “It’s unbelievable how he manages to become and live his characters to the fullest.”

A third wrote: “Joaquin has a unique gift that cannot be taught, either you have it or you don’t… he can appear so vulnerable and make it look natural. His brother was also blessed with a natural talent. I can think of only a hand full of actors like this.”

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