OnlyFans star says they shouldn’t have to pay tax because their work is a public service

‘Why should we have to pay tax on our body parts if I choose to use them to make money?’
An Australian OnlyFans star has said she doesn’t think she should be taxed for her work because it’s a “public service.”

Billie Beever wants the Aussie government to be more lenient on OnlyFans creators like herself. Whilst there are plenty of headlines about how much people make on the subscription-based platform, Beever argues that most creators don’t have much left after taxes.

She told Yahoo: “The more these girls talk about how much they’re making, the less true it usually is.

“Usually just half what they say they’re making and that’s closer to the truth, then half it again because of tax and OnlyFans’ cut.”

The model also told the outlet that online sex workers are vulnerable to a torrent of abuse and hate from trolls telling them to get a “real job.”

She explained: “Every day we all get hate messages saying what we do isn’t a real job, and we should go get a real job.

“So if that’s true and the public really think that, we shouldn’t pay taxes then, especially when we pay so much more than most people.”

“Also, why should we have to pay tax on our body parts if I choose to use them to make money?”

Beever, who won Best Female Porn Star at this year’s Australian Adult Industry Choice Awards, went as far as to compare her work to “charity work,” due to the fact she often has to fulfil custom requests from her subscribers.

Several Australian models have called out the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) over how much they’ve been taxed on their earnings.

Tasha Paige was hit with a $176,000 tax bill, while Kaila Smith was stunned when she was handed a five-figure bill.

A spokesperson for the the ATO said they were watching OnlyFans earnings like a hawk because it’s a ‘new industry’.

As a result, they’re still figuring out what should be considered “business expenses.”

“OnlyFans has been a hot topic for questions this tax time! Its a new industry and one we’re watching to better understand, but the way we see tax deductions remains the same. We see Only Fans creators as businesses with operating expenses and deductions,” they said.

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