Helen Mirren, 78, urges people to embrace getting older: 'You die young, or you get old'

Helen Mirren has some advice for you all and it may just be the golden nugget of liberation we all needed.
Now, aging has been a hot topic recently, especially in the celebrity world, but stars like Helen Mirren are trying to defy social expectations by embracing their natural selves.

Speaking to British magazine Hello!, the 78-year-old said: "I say celebrate it, don't fight it. You die young, or you get old, and I don't want to die young.

"I'm too interested in life. It's wonderful, so celebrate that and enjoy it," she added.
This isn't the first time we've heard Mirren speak out on this topic either.

The Woman In Gold star appeared on an episode of Lorraine in the United Kingdom where she slammed the stereotypes surrounding women aging.

"You’re not supposed to have longer hair after a certain age," she told the host. "But during Covid, I started growing my hair and I hadn’t actually had long hair since I was in my 20s. And it sort of grew and grew and grew, and I couldn’t be bothered to cut it, basically."

She continued, describing the move as "radical": "I thought, do you know what, it’s pretty cool, I think I’ll stick with it for a little while. It will come off eventually.

"But I’m kind of enjoying it, it’s quite radical."

Elsewhere in the interview, Mirren also opened up about how it feels to be a representative for women over 60, not just in her industry, but beyond it too.

"Life doesn't stop. And creativity doesn't stop and passion doesn't stop and energy doesn't stop unless you decide to stop it.

"So it's just be self-motivated, really, and never give up. And find enjoyment, if it's possible in your life," she told the host.

Prior to that, the actress had been stunning audiences with her silver locks and au naturel looks on multiple red carpets including Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which attracted positive reactions from fans.
Taking to X, formerly Twitter, social media users couldn't help but praise the star for defying social expectations.

"Part of getting older is caring less what others think, expressing yourself freely & embracing your inner rebel as Helen Mirren does so well!!", wrote one user, quoting one of the star's most famous lines.

"There is, as should be very clear by now, simply no way to win as a woman. So don’t even bother trying to age gracefully. 'It’s much better to age disgracefully!' Helen Mirren told Vogue a few years ago," added another, using Mirren's quotes for inspiration.

A third stated that the actress was her "goals", writing: Helen Mirren is my ultimate ageing with grace #goals #SilverFox."

I don't know about you, but I'll be taking Mirren's advice if it means I can look as good as she does at 78!

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