Gordon Ramsay, 57, announces the birth of his six child

Gordon Ramsay joyfully announced the arrival of his sixth child with wife Tana Ramsay. The 57-year-old celebrity chef shared the delightful news on Instagram on Saturday (November 11), addressing his 15.7 million followers.
Accompanied by several pictures of Tana and himself cradling their newborn son, Ramsay captioned the heartening post, saying, "What an incredible birthday gift! Please welcome Jesse James Ramsay, a 7lbs 10oz bundle of joy!! Another addition to the Ramsay brigade, making it 3 boys and 3 girls." In just a matter of hours, the post was flooded with more than 580,000 'likes' and over 8,000 comments from delighted well-wishers, including Marvel star Hugh Jackman, who commented: "Congrats mate."
Other celebrity well-wishers included Jeremy Renner, Joe Wicks, and Paris Fury.

"This is the most wonderful news," one fan wrote on the post. "Congratulations to you both and all the family, plus a fantastic birthday present!"

A second delighted fan commented: "Holy this guy is still cooking in and out of the kitchen what a legend."
Gordon and Tana have been married since December 21, 1996, and welcomed their first child - daughter Megan - in 1998.

Then, in 2000, the couple welcomed twins Jack and Holly, followed by daughter Matilda "Tilly" in 2001.

Tragically, the couple lost their fourth child - a boy named Rocky - due to a miscarriage in 2016. Three years later, they welcomed their rainbow child - son Oscar - in 2019.

In an interview with PEOPLE earlier this year, Ramsay opened up about the loss of their son and revealed that the couple would never have welcomed son Oscar if it wasn't for Rocky. He said: "There’s no book that guides you through that loss, and so losing Rocky was really tough. Watching the trauma unfold, it’s this life-changing moment."

"We wouldn’t have had Oscar had we not lost Rocky," Gordon added. "There was no substitute - far from it - but it brought us a bond that you’d never experience in a normal situation."
The family has made sure that Rocky is never far from them, as Gordon explained: "I think, if anything, it brought the whole family together, closer, because Jack's still got the little dog tag [necklace] with Rocky, and we've got these little incredible bits of jewelry together that we connect through.

"And then the picture. And then Rocky Bay House down in Cornwall, it's on Rock Road so we came up with the amazing name of Rocky Bay House, so we named the house after him."

A huge congratulations to the Ramsay family!

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