Woman who underwent a 30ml lip filler procedure confesses to experiencing challenges while eating and drinking.

Vienna Würstel, a self-proclaimed "plastic fantastic" beauty enthusiast, has surprised the internet with her remarkable 30ml lips. The woman, who opted for extensive lip filler injections, has openly shared her struggle with eating and drinking, indicating that these everyday activities have become considerably more challenging for her.

Despite facing constant criticism from online trolls, Vienna remains steadfast in her pursuit of fuller lips, proudly displaying her exaggerated pout on social media platforms.
Vienna, who resides in Mallorca, Spain, candidly confessed that her supersized lips make sipping beverages a Herculean task, dubbing herself "more lips than human."
Despite critics claiming that her prominent lips are a result of filters or likening her appearance to a duck, Vienna Würstel isn't hesitant to clarify the truth. In an online video, she astonished viewers by disclosing the astonishing amount of filler in her lips.

"I've had 3CC (3ml), 7CC (7ml), and 7CC (7ml) in previous procedures. In total, there's approximately 30CC (30ml) in my lips right now, and I plan to have more in the future," Vienna stated.

In response to concerns about the safety of her procedures, she reassured her audience, saying, "All the plastic surgeons I visit are highly qualified. If they weren't, they wouldn't be able to achieve these lip sizes, so yes, I'm in safe hands."

Vienna also addressed the commonly asked question about how she manages to eat and drink with her extremely large lips. She acknowledged that eating is feasible, especially with soft foods, but drinking presents much greater difficulties.

"It's quite challenging," she admitted, taking a bite of a snack and observing, "Eating works fairly well with soft foods. However, drinking is even more [difficult] than that."

I could have chosen to use my oversized lips as an excuse, claiming disability, but I prefer honesty. I've embraced these lips and had to adjust to the evolving world around me. I'm improving with each experience."

While Vienna's lips may astonish many, it's crucial to recognize the risks associated with such procedures. When inexperienced individuals administer lip fillers or Botox without providing adequate information, it can lead to potential complications. Customers are at risk of tissue damage, serious infections, and even blindness. According to the Sun, an estimated 200 people have experienced vision loss after receiving fillers.

Dr. Tim Pearce, a renowned Aesthetic Clinician and Trainer, advises against using more than 1ml of dermal filler in the lips during a single treatment session. Administering excessive filler at once can result in unsatisfactory aesthetic outcomes and potential problems such as vascular compression and lumps.

Vienna's TikTok video has become a viral sensation, garnering an astonishing 1.3 million views and leaving social media users both astounded and puzzled.

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