Woman told by date she's 'not pretty enough' for him to pay for dinner

A woman has shared footage of a terrible date she went on - which ended with the man telling her she wasn't "pretty enough" for him to pay for her meal.
Dating can be a minefield at the best of times - from getting past the talking stage, to finding out that your prospective date doesn't look anything like their pictures, and possibly ending with getting ghosted and never hearing from them again.

However, even those that make it to meeting in person can find that their love interest isn't really worth their time - or worse, is outwardly rude to them.

Winta Zesu took to social media to share clips from a pretty hideous date she'd been on, in which the man even asked her to slide him her credit card under the table so he could look like he'd paid.

Winta, 21, can be seen eating a salad as her date asks: "Can you slow down? Why are you eating so fast? The food's not going anywhere," before asking outright: "Are you enjoying this date or not? Like I feel like you're just eating and you're gonna leave," to which she responded: "I am."

When she asks why he'd take her out if he didn't want her to eat, the man responds that he wanted to "talk" and "get to know" her.

He then brazenly tells her: "Slide me your credit card under the table so it looks like I paid for the dinner."

She asks: "Why would you ask me that?", and he snaps back: "I have a reputation to maintain in this restaurant."

Winta then responds: "Can you actually pay for it and leave?"

He cruelly tells her: "You're just not pretty enough for me to pay for this dinner."

She then informs the anonymous man that she didn't bring her card along and couldn't pay for the meal, which he deemed "unladylike", claiming it was bad manners to expect him to pay, adding: "I thought you were rich. You told me you come from a wealthy family."

The clip ends with her telling him: "I really don't care, can you stop talking? I'm trying to eat and leave. Have a good night though."

Viewers quickly flooded the comments, writing: "And she never stop eating, go queen," and: "Dude just unloaded 1 1/2yrs worth of relationship toxicity and manipulation in one date. How sad."
Others added: "Boss moment 'Can you stop talking I’m trying to eat.' Absolute assassination to his ego that was unfortunately necessary," and: "IMAGINE saying she ain’t pretty enough to eat for free. LOOK at her."

Some questioned whether the video was staged, adding: "I hope it's staged. I wouldve embarrassed him in front of everyone. EVERYONE. I wouldve thrown water in his face and laughed and danced around him," while another wrote: "Everything that came out of his mouth was wrong- please tell me this is staged because that sounded like toxic masculinity at its worst."

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