Woman sends list of rules to wedding guests – soon a lot of them start cancelling

Every bride wants to have the perfect wedding day. While there are some things at your wedding you can control, like the dress, the venue, catering and more. You cannot always guarantee that everything will go according to plan.

However, this bride had an idea of how to execute her wedding day without a hitch. But she soon realizes that not everyone has the same view of the situation. Keep reading to learn more.

A bride-to-be took to Reddit to ask a question that she was mulling over: am I being unreasonable? In the popular subreddit of ‘AITAH’, which is an abbreviation for Am I The Asshole, she posted her situation.

A bride-to-be posted that she and her fiance sent a list of rules to the wedding guests and soon after began receiving cancelations.

Before she began the post, she prefaced her post by saying that before people assumed she was ‘bridezilla’ imposing these rules against the will of her fiance, she wanted to make clear that he had equally contributed to the rules and was enthusiastically on board with all of them.
Then she went on to outline each rule individually.

The couple wanted to have an ‘unpluggled ceremony.’ Guests could not have phones with them during the ceremony and the dinner that would follow unless it was a ‘huge’ emergency. While guests understood no phones during the ceremony, they found the stipulation not to use phones during dinner a little much.

She said some people who were leaving their children at home argued that they needed phones to check on their children but she had told them that if she had to make an exception for them, she would have to make it for everyone. She wrote, “Checking with your kids is not an emergency. If something serious happens you’ll know.”
The couple also had a strict color scheme and dress code. People were asked only to wear black, and women had to wear dresses, and men needed to wear tuxedos. There were no exceptions to the rule. Her aunt, who lost her husband and spent time in black clothing while she was grieving, had finally returned to a more colorful wardrobe and was also not an exception. Even when she said black clothes made her feel depressed now. Her future sister-in-law who has body dysmorphia also had issues with the dress code as she always wore pants to feel more comfortable with her body; no exception would be made for her as well.

They ordered the bridesmaid dresses months in advance and told their bridesmaids to maintain their weight; whether that meant eating less or eating more to do so.

She said her mother was livid about these rules and told the bride her wedding has been doomed from the start. Her bridesmaids also threatened to drop out, and she has wedding guests cancelling on them last minute.
Her maid of honor’s daughter was to be their flower girl, but now this was not happening. The bride asked for the flower girl to be left at a hotel with a babysitter during the ceremony, but the maid of honor did not agree to this, and instead plans on leaving her daughter with her mother since the wedding venue is a four-hour drive for them.

And of course, even with her preface and warning, people still thought she and her fiance were the ones being completely unreasonable and was most definitely the ‘assholes.’

A lot of people pointed out that while weddings can be according to the couple’s wishes, people did not have to abide by their rules and had every right to opt out of their wedding.

All in all, it was pretty unanimous on Reddit that the couple was the one being unreasonable in their demand.

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