Protocol you must follow if an aggressive dog approaches you

You’d be understood for being a little fearful of dogs right now.
With recent stories of the animals attacking people, and some victims even dying, it’s fair enough to have built a new fear. There has sadly been a number or brutal American XL bully attacks this year, with the most recent suspected of causing the death of a 54-year-old man in Sunderland.

Now obviously, you don’t need to be scared of all dogs. In reality, it’s a small handful that can be dangerous.

So for some reassurance, there’s advice you can follow if you find yourself in the presence of a more aggressive hound.

Dr Debbye Turner Bell is a vet who has previously given important protocol to follow if you are getting ‘threatened’ by an aggressive dog.
Here’s her advice, as per CBS, in case you end up in this unfortunate position:

1) Remain calm and still. Don't run. This is a race you will not win. If you are alone, back away slowly. Do not turn your back.

2) If you are on the ground, curl into a fetal position, cover your head with your arms, and keep your fingers curled in a fist.

3) Avoid eye contact. Remember, staring an aggressive dog in the eyes is a challenge.

4) Do not smile at the dog.

5) Use a soft, soothing tone of voice. Loud, angry-sounding words and screaming only spur on the dog.

6) If it bites you, DO NOT PULL AWAY. This only spurs the dog on. Remain calm. Try to put something between you and the dog like your purse, jacket, bicycle, backpack, etc. Don't hit the dog. Again, just makes the situation worse.
Over the past five years, there has reportedly been a 34 percent increase of police recorded dog attacks in England and Wales.

But figures from Merseyside Police may surprise you.

The compiled list of the most dangerous dog breeds is based on the number of bites and suffered and here’s the, rather interesting, top five:

5. Rottweiler

4. German Shepherd

3. Pitt Bull Terrier

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

1. Jack Russel

Yes, that’s Jack Russells being responsible for the most bites.

But as, Dr Bell points out, ‘ALL DOGS are capable of biting’.

She adds: “Biting has more to do with circumstances, behaviour, training (or lack thereof), and ignorance on the part of human beings.”

The main piece of advice to remember here is that if you are bitten, do your best to ‘remain calm’.

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