People heartbroken after learning that no one wanted to eat lunch with Tobin Bell during filming of first Saw movie

After the debut of Saw X, Tobin Bell has revealed the poignant details of his time shooting the original Saw film nearly twenty years ago.
In a video posted on the franchise's official X account, Tobin Bell, the actor behind the Jigsaw killer, takes viewers on a tour of the iconic bathroom, which is referred to as 'where it all began.'

The first Saw movie, released in 2004, prominently featured the iconic bathroom setting. In this film, Jigsaw's latest victims wake up in a large and grimy bathroom, with one of them compelled to kill the other to save his family.

In a recent video clip, Bell reflects on his experience filming the initial movie. If your memory is a bit hazy, he spends a significant portion of the film lying on the ground, drenched in blood.

He explained, "Throughout most of the film, I was right here on the ground, with a .357 Magnum in one hand and a tape recorder in the other, and half of my head blown off."

Spoiler alert: by the film's conclusion, it's revealed that he not only survived the entire time but was also the mastermind behind trapping the two men in the bathroom in the first place.
Bell proceeds to describe his experience of wearing his character's horrifying makeup and recounts a poignant incident from the set.

"Nobody wanted to join me for lunch; whenever I sat down, I looked so repulsive, smeared with blood. Consequently, I would dine alone in my dressing room," he revealed.

This heartwarming anecdote is unexpectedly touching, especially considering it comes from the set of one of the most macabre film series ever. In sharp contrast to his role as a serial killer, Bell appears to be genuinely kind-hearted.

Fans have taken to X to express their sorrow upon hearing this story.
One individual expressed, "I just recalled that no one wanted to have lunch with Tobin during the first movie and I started crying."

"My heart has been shattered, what do you mean," exclaimed another.

A third person chimed in, "This revelation has utterly ruined my day. This man deserves everything good in the world."

The newest installment in the Saw franchise is currently showing in cinemas worldwide.

Taking place between the events of the first and second films, Saw X follows a desperate John (Jigsaw) who travels to Mexico, hoping that an experimental medical procedure will cure his cancer. However, he soon discovers that the operation is a hoax. The notorious killer then resumes his work, turning the tables on the fraudsters through a series of twisted and, naturally, gruesome traps.

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