Massive debate sparked after man reveals ‘The Yellow Pillow’ to girlfriend

Forget Foucault vs Chomsky, we’ve got a new debate of the century
A monstrous debate has been sparked online after a man shared to his girlfriend his magical yellow pillow and yes, she was absolutely disgusted.

The man, who goes by the name of Cam, claims that his absolute state of a pillow is the secret to him getting the perfect night’s sleep.

When Cam’s girlfriend responded to the pillow with nothing but utter disgust, he took to social media to see if anyone else could relate to his magical key to sleep.

Amazingly countless men responded to the post sharing their own stories about their beautiful pillows of filth.
In his post Cam explained that his pillow “bestows upon me the most peaceful slumber”.

One person commented to explain that they “legit haven’t rested comfortably since” getting rid of their Yellow Pillow while another argued that their “life has been a downward spiral” since they chucked theirs.

A third said that one of the most important factors in the making of a man is “using the same pillow since the age of ten and never washing it”.

In fact, men appeared to be universally in favour of the Yellow Pillow while most women found it absolutely revolting.

One woman responding to the picture of Cam’s pillow said that it looked identical to her husbands. She then confessed he refers to it as “seasoning” followed by a vomiting emoji.

Another woman said: “Men will s**t on women for believing in astrology but then believe they can only sleep because their pillow is f**king nasty.”

A third wrote: “If you go to his house and see these leave.”

Cam confessed to NBC News that he found the whole thing hilarious and said that after the post his girlfriend convinced him it was time to get a new pillow and so the saga of the Yellow Pillow has come to an end with it being safely “tucked away into storage”.

But rest assured, it’s day will come again.

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