Man defended after his vegan daughter demands he doesn’t eat meat at home

Whether someone eats meat or not is a personal choice, but one dad was faced with a tough decision when his daughter asked him to stop eating meat at home.

The 14-year-old opted to turn vegan and was initially met with enthusiasm from her parents.

But things turned difficult, however, when she then asked her parents to ditch meat at home altogether for the sake of her new lifestyle choice.

Her dad, who described bacon for breakfast being 'pretty much a given', took to Reddit to ask for people's advice.

Posting to a thread titled 'Am I The Asshole?', he penned: "Dad here, old fart, loves his daughter to pieces but I’m struggling to see eye to eye with my teenager and wife on this one.

"We’ve always been a meat eating family, we live in the rural Midwest and bacon for breakfast is pretty much a given.

"This year my 14 y/o daughter decided to go vegan, and I jumped onto her support team with enthusiasm.

"We learned how to substitute ingredients, cook new things, try new things, I adjusted our budget to include more expensive vegan substitutes for her, etc."
He then continued to say: "None of this has been a problem for me until recently. She saw me cook bacon in a pan, and then I rinsed it out to load in the dishwasher.

"She exploded in anger (teen years, I’m not too fussed about the anger explosion, I know she doesn’t mean it) and said that that was HER pan for vegan food. I was completely floored and said, kiddo this here is a family pan, older than you, it’s not YOUR pan."

With this in mind, he then proceeded to buy his vegan daughter her own colored crockery so that things didn't get mixed up, but the final straw was when her daughter refused to use the dishwasher because it was supposedly 'contaminated with animal product'.

Following their disputes, the teenager asked her parents to ditch meat all together - but the dad was 'on team hell no'.

"I’m not going to stop eating bacon in my own house," he said, adding that he thinks she needs to learn to 'adapt and live side by side'.

And many fellow Redditors were on his side.
"Pfft had a vegan roommate in the past," someone shared.

"He used the fridge and dishwasher just fine.

"Time for a real world lesson for her - she's not always gonna live with people who share her food lifestyle."

"You're already being as supporting as you can, but at the end of the day it's your house. You don't need to bend the knee to your daughter over this," added another.

A third went on: "You've been supportive of her new diet choice and have been very accommodating by getting her pans to use for vegan food.
"She can't expect you to change your whole lifestyle to cater to her.

"Meat needs to be kept in the fridge, and if the dishwasher is tainted then maybe she should try washing a dish by hand GASP."

What are your thoughts?

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