Katie Couric reveals truth about her and Bob Saget to his widow Kelly Rizzo – her reaction was priceless

Katie Couric is perhaps one of the most prominent journalists of her generation. She has been known to conduct amazing interviews where guests reveal much about themselves.

But in a recent interview, it seems like the veteran interviewer revealed much more about herself… Keep reading to know more!
Katie Couric has started hosting her own podcast titled iHeartPodcasts’ Next Question with Kate Couric. The former television anchor had Bob Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, on her show. Accompanying her was John Stamos, who was Saget’s best friend and co-star on Full House.

Stamos has recently been promoting his recent memoir If You Would Have Told Me and before Couric started talking to him about the book, she wanted to tell Rizzo about something personal.

Couric began, “I had a date with [Bob] once, as you know,” telling Rizzo, her co-host for the show, “I really liked him. I found him so cute and funny and amusing, and I did think we shared a pretty nice kiss in the foyer of my apartment.”
When she heard the rest of the story, including that they shared a kiss, she was flattered at how much the former anchor adored her late husband. She told her what Saget thought of her, “He always thought you were lovely, he was a big fan. He adored you.”

But, according to Couric, it was not enough for him to have called her back. She responded, “Well, not enough to call me again,” adding, “but that’s OK because it all worked out. He found the love of his life with you.”

John Stamos piped in, recalling how he had coached Saget on the ‘right moves’ when it came to the date. He said, “Katie, if you and I went out instead of you and Bob, we’d probably still be dating.” Adding, “Out of me, [Dave] Coulier, and Saget, you could have started with me.”
To defend his late best friend, Stamos revealed that Bob was merely intimated by the award-winning journalist.

“I think he was intimidated by you,” he adds. “I used to have to Cyrano him. Like, I would tell him what to text and what to say, and what to do on these dates. I should have gone back to my texts, because I feel like I was texting him, ‘Don’t blow it. Act smart around Katie. She’s a very intelligent woman, she isn’t just beautiful. Be careful, Bob.'”

He then made a connection that they all shared in common. Stamos asked Couric, “And you guys kissed, right?”
We did. And as Kelly knows, he was a good kisser,” she adds.

“I know too,” he says. “There are three of us here that have kissed him.”

Rizzo and Saget tied the knot in 2018 and were still married at the time of his untimely death at 65 years old in 2022. Later on, it was found that Saget died as a result of head trauma associated with a fall backward he had had which had remained unaddressed.

During the emotional podcast episode, Rizzo told Stamos how much the chapters in his book about Saget had meant to her.
“You write about even parts of our relationship or mine and Bob’s, as a husband, as a friend, as a brother. You said that you guys had always wanted brothers, and so you guys finally did become that to each other,” she tearfully shared. “It wasn’t right away, it took a few years. But I told you yesterday when I called you in tears, that it just meant so much to me that you told his story so beautifully and about just who he was and how people reading this are just going to get such an incredible picture of who he truly was,” she said.

She further added, “I had really only heard Bob’s perspective and you just did such a beautiful, wonderful tribute to him and he would be so proud. I know his girls are going to be so proud. I’m so proud. And you should just be so proud.”

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