Justin Bieber surprises Hailey with $5k artwork of her text message to him

It’s been a year filled with shocking celeb breakups, but Justin Bieber is trying to buck the trend.
The ‘Baby’ singer, 29, has surprised his wife Hailey Bieber, 26, with a thoughtful present reportedly worth $5,000.

But rather than buying his other half a pair of designer shoes or a fancy car, the 29-year-old decided to opt for a personalized piece of art. Take a look below:

Bieber settled on a message that had been sent to him by his wife, with talented artist duo Idiot Box Art immortalizing the text forever.

The piece of art features an adorable message from Hailey listing all the things she missed about her husband along with a crying emoji.

Idiot Box Art owners Emily Bright and Tamara Martin told TMZ how Bieber commissioned the gift for a reported $5,000.

They also took to social media to share how they’d created the art using a 3’ x 3’ plank of wood, paint and resin.
Uploading a short clip to Instagram, they wrote: “It’s important to show your loved ones they are appreciated. Justin Bieber hit us up recently to commission a gift for his wife Hailey…”

Tagging the celebrity power couple, they added: “We’ve made a few text bubbles in the past, but this idea was so unique and thoughtful, a text message thread between him and his wife.

"As always, a pleasure and thank you for trusting us with such a special piece.”
Despite the touching nature of Bieber's gift, some fans have been left divided.

One Redditor wrote: “... it would have been better if he gifted her a text he sent her not the other way around.”

However, others were more positive about the heart-warming present.

One fan argued: “I’m sorry but y’all sound bitter as hell. Most of us never get the privilege of having someone think so highly of us and y’all are really gonna sit here and bash them for being happy.”

“He’s showing her that he listens to her and that he appreciates what she says. That her loving him means something,” they continued, adding: “Which is literally all any woman has ever asked of a man. She probably doesn’t even remember sending this message, but it was profound for him.”

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