Inside Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's PDA-Filled Date Night at SNL Afterparty: 'They Were So Happy'

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were “so happy” on their PDA-filled date night at the Saturday Night Live afterparty, a source tells PEOPLE.
The pop superstar, 33, and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, enjoyed their time together at the afterparty at Catch Steak following the season 49 premiere of SNL on Saturday in New York City.

“Taylor and Travis were there all night and they were so smiley, they were so happy,” the source says. “They were so talkative. They were really fun. They talked to every single person in the room that talked to them.”

“They were super cool. Super nice, super happy,” the insider adds, noting that Swift and Kelce stayed at the party “until after 4 a.m.”

The source also says the pair was definitely not shy with each other.

At one point in the night, Kelce “takes both her hands and puts them on his shoulder, so they're face to face, and then he takes both his hands and grabs her waist. They're leaning in, they're kissing each other,” the insider says.
“They're whispering. They're talking, going back and forth about what to order, like, ‘Should we get a steak? Should we get espresso martinis?’ ” the source continues. “And then they lean in and they’re kissing again. They're touching each other the whole time.”

Although Swift and Kelce “mingled separately,” the pro athlete “kept going over to her and checking in on her every little while, like, ‘Are you good?’ ” the source says.

According to the source, Kelce was “going over and touching her, putting his hand on her lower back or putting his hands on her waist and then they would do a little kiss and then they would go back to talking to whoever they were talking to."

"He kept checking in with her, but gave her space to talk to other people in the room, both male and female, and he talked to a ton of people in the room too," the insider adds.
“They were always connected throughout the night," the source notes of the pair. “They were super comfortable with each other. They were very cuddly; they weren't awkward. She was really comfortable with him, and he was a total gentleman.”

Swift and Kelce’s outing came after they both made separate appearances on the SNL season 49 premiere. The Kansas City Chiefs star made a cameo in a skit about him and Swift, while the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter introduced the second performance of musical guest Ice Spice.

Photos showed the two holding hands after they dined at Nobu ahead of the show and while they were on their way to the post-show party.

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