Four-year-old boy had no friends show up to his birthday party after his mom bought vegan cake

Birthday parties are meant to be a special occasion, from all the birthday cake, to maybe a glass of fizz if adults are in attendance.
However, for one boy celebrating his fourth birthday, his party plans have not exactly gone to plan.

Four-year-old Malachi unfortunately had no one interested in turning up to his birthday party after his mom ended up buying a vegan cake for the celebrations.

Now, Angel Craine, 27, has pleaded for help after all the school kids decided to snub the party due to the fact her son is vegan.

Two weeks prior to the birthday celebrations, Craine handed out invitations, but received no RSVPs after children at Malachi's school began bullying him over the vegan cake.
Speaking to 7 News, Craine said: "They’ve all bullied him and told him they aren’t coming unless he has cow in his cake."

The mom went on to explain that she had planned to make a chocolate vegan cake for Malachi's birthday, which is set to be a Pokémon-themed affair at the end of October.

"I just can’t get over that kids his age already bully vegans," the devastated mom continued.

"[Malachi] was pretty sad that no one wants to be his friend or come but he’s pretty resilient."

Since receiving no indication anyone would turn up to the party, Craine has posted to the Vegans in Australia Facebook group to ask for help on what she should done next.

On Facebook, she penned: "My four-year-old son seems to get bullied a lot for being vegan.

"Apparently none of his friends want to come to his birthday if he has a vegan cake and are always being rude about him being vegan all the time.

"So I’m wondering if there are any people around northside of Brisbane with vegan children that would like to come to his fifth birthday."
Craine has since been overwhelmed by the support from the post, with 12 children of group members now expected to attend the party.

"He’s super excited to make friends with similar interests and ethics," the mom said.

"I absolutely am in awe of how caring the vegan community is."

Craine is obviously saddened that her son has been bullied in school, though she went on to say she's proud of her son for standing up to what he believes in.

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