Karen's Diner will make you pay bill and leave immediately if you break its house rules

While Karen's Diner makes money off its unique insult style of dining, there are actually five strict house rules that must be adhered to.

That is particularly surprising considering there's a 100 percent chance of 'rude' staff and a highly uncomfortable dining experience.
You wouldn't expect somewhere like Karen's Diner to have any rules, given the poor service and extremely offensive experience you are guaranteed as soon as you step through the doors of the restaurant.

However, 'in order to maintain a shred of sanity', the restaurant has laid out some basic rules which, if broken, results in customers being asked to pay and leave the venue immediately.

In order for 'both staff and customers to feel as safe as possible,' visitors must abide by five rules.

The rules state: "No racist, sexist, homophobic or ableist comments or slurs will be tolerated.

"No body shaming. No sexual harassment.
"Any damage of vandalism of the venue will lead to instant removal from the venue. (Charges may also apply)

"Keep your food and drink on your tables, don't throw them, it's not fun."

The company clarified that even though it's a 'Karen's Diner,' 'OHS [occupational health] rules still apply' because it's a 'functioning restaurant'.

"Do not interfere with hospitality processes," it also warns.

However, in typical Karen Diner fashion, it concludes: "Just sit down, shut up, eat your food and bring on the banter."
Despite the rules, the diner has been called out in the past with one calling it out for its rule against sexism.

They said: "Karen’s Diner 'Where you can complain until the cows come home because we literally don’t care'. It's 'no sexism' house rule belied by basing the entire concept on a middle aged woman stereotype.

"Contemporary code of conduct culture eats itself, with cows on the plate. Literally."
Another accused the diner of breaking its own rules, saying: "And the fact that Karen’s diner have rules where they can’t insult someone’s body yet the staff repeatedly break them is disgusting.

"I have seen people say that they’ve made weight comments and that’s just f*****g awful. Not only is it just straight up bullying but it is so triggering for people who deal with weight issues. I find this place absolutely disgusting and I will never visit there," they said.

The restaurant was even forced to apologise last year after one of its employees called a customer a 'peado' and his daughter an 'OnlyFans tart'.

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