Man who visited Ibiza every year up until the age of 69 had ‘club schedule that would terrify a 21-year-old’

During our late teens and early 20s, a lot us enjoy going out clubbing with our pals on the weekend.

Whether that is jamming to cheesy pop, RnB classics, or the traditional techno-teen vibe - there is certainly a lot of fun to be had.
That experience is certainly elevated in Ibiza - a long-running popular party island full of the younger generation.

However, for this one man, he got into the Ibiza clubbing scene a little later than usual - though that didn't stop him from keeping up with the youngsters.

In fact,74-year-old Robert Johnson had a “club schedule that would terrify 21-year-olds."

Robert has a long-running affection to going out and having a good time, as he worked as a DJ at Liverpool’s Cabin Club back in the 1970s.
But his taste for music changed in his 40s when he was introduced to techno and rave music.

In 2007, at the age of 58, Robert took his first trip to Ibiza and instantly fell in love with the Spanish island to the point where he kept on returning for the following 11 years.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Robert said: "Later in life I ended up doing a degree in IT with a year out in Valencia.

"The youngsters took me out to this disco where they had techno and rave music - that was me hooked on it.

"I’d never heard it on a good sound system. I’d heard it on the car radio but when I heard it in the club it blew my mind.

"It’s the energy, it’s the way it holds you on your feet. I went back home and I listened to Pete Tong, Danny Rampling, Judge Jules, Dave Pearce."

The techno-lover instantly fell in love with the genre after discovering the record label HedKandi and buying all of their compilation CDs - remember those!
Robert went to one of their club nights in Ibiza during his first visit, describing the experience now as 'home'.

He continued to visit the island until he was 69, but only stopped as he said he became less affluent.

While the now 74-year-old still enjoys club nights in the UK, there really is no place like Ibiza.

Now, friend and founder of Hedkandi Mark Doyle hopes to fly Robert out to Ibiza for the brand’s party at Es Paradis on 26 August.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in a bid to get him there, with over £2,000 raised so far.

"For us he’s proof you’re never too old to have fun so why can’t we help him to do something he enjoys doing," Mark said.
"We’re just going to give him a great time."

Mark spoke further about Robert on the fundraising page, adding: "I learned that Robert went to Ibiza regularly and had a club schedule that would terrify a 21-year-old.

“Quite simply Robert is a legend and most importantly an example to all of us. And beyond all of that, he's part of our family."

Anyone for a night out with Robert?

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