Eminem proves that something does actually rhyme with orange

If you weren’t sure whether Eminem was a great rapper, you will be after reading this.
The undisputed ‘Rap God’ has proved primary school teachers everywhere wrong, by finding something that rhymes with orange.

Even more impressively, he explained how he pulled off the epic wordplay.

According to Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, the aim of the game is to make the juicy fruit play by your rules.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes in 2011, Eminem revealed that once you accepted nothing rhymes with orange, you make almost anything rhyme with it.

"The word orange doesn’t rhyme with anything, and it kind of p****s me off because I can think of a lot of things that rhyme with orange," he explained.
"If you're taking the word at face value, and you just say 'orange', nothing is going to rhyme with it exactly.

"If you enunciate it and make it more than one syllable, or-ange, you can say, like, I put my or-ange, four inch, door hinge in stor-age and ate porr-idge with Geo-rge."

There's a reason why this man is considered an absolute lyrical genius.
Another difficult word to rhyme is Eilish, who incidentally revealed she feared Eminem.

In an interview with Noisey a couple of years ago, Eilish revealed one of her top fears as a kid, and no, it wasn't monsters under the bed.

She said: "I was scared of Eminem. My whole life. Always. I, dude, terrified.

"That dude freaked the f**k out of me. Oh my God."
Hilariously, Eminem then responded in the most Eminem way possible by shouting out to Eilish in a verse of one of his tunes.

In 'Alfred's Theme', the lyrics read: "Homicidal visions when I’m spitting like this / But really I’m just fulfilling my wish of killing rhymes which is really childish / And silly, but I’m really like this, I’m giving nightmares to Billie Eilish."

Whether his response has helped Eilish stop being so scared of him or simply made matters worse, who knows.

Either way, fans of the musicians have found the whole thing hilarious, flocking to social media to comment.

Some argued Eilish is way more scary than Eminem.

One YouTube user said: "All her music videos are creepy as hell and Eminem's the one giving her nightmares ??!!!"

Well, maybe Eminem’s ability to rhyme orange will impress the ‘Bad Guy’ singer?

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