The mother of the airport worker who tragically lost his life after being pulled into a plane engine maintains that his death was unintentional.

The mother of an airport employee, who lost his life when he was pulled into a jet engine, refutes the claim that her son's death was a deliberate act of self-harm.

David Renner tragically passed away on June 23 at San Antonio International Airport. According to reports, he purportedly handed his supervisor a suicide note concealed within a $1 bill before seemingly leaping into the jet engine.
Courtney McDowell, the bereaved mother of the 27-year-old, is currently insisting on reviewing the mentioned note.
Despite McDowell acknowledging that her son had previously discussed suicide, she asserts that he had assured her he would never carry out such an act.

Residing in Indiana, McDowell points out that Renner's younger sibling passed away during childbirth, making it implausible for him to have taken his own life.

This contradicts the official ruling of suicide by both the coroner's office and authorities.

"He was young when it happened, but he recalls how it affected me, and he said, 'I would never put you through that, Mom, because I know how much it would hurt you'," she disclosed to the Daily Mail.

She firmly believes that Renner's death was accidental.

McDowell expressed, "I think David may have been distracted and ended up in harm's way. I believe it was an accident."

"Everyone goes through periods of depression, and he had mentioned to me that he had thoughts of ending his life, but he would say, 'Come on, Mom, we've talked about this. I want you to know I would never do that to myself' because I've already lost a child."

"David had a kind heart; he was always willing to help others. He loved making people laugh and had a contagious smile."

Following his tragic demise, Unifi Aviation, Renner's employer, echoed the coroner's determination of suicide in a statement they issued.
Their official statement expressed profound sadness and sorrow over the loss of a member of their aviation community in San Antonio.

"We extend our heartfelt condolences and offer unwavering support to the family, friends, and loved ones during this challenging period."

Based on our preliminary investigation, this incident appears to be unrelated to Unifi's operational procedures, safety protocols, and policies. Out of respect for the deceased, we will refrain from providing further details.

"While the police and other authorities continue their investigation, we defer to them for any additional information."

Renner's younger brother acknowledged that his sibling had faced hardships in life and had grappled with mental health issues: "David is just one among many who struggle with mental illness, and it's not always easy for us to discern."

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