Test to see if you have submechanophobia has people’s ‘souls leaving their bodies’

Phobias, as the popular saying suggests, are experienced by everyone to some extent. However, there exist a handful of highly uncommon phobias. One such phobia that is likely unfamiliar to you is submechanophobia, which entails a fear of man-made objects being partially or entirely submerged in water.

In essence, if the sight of human creations underwater evokes discomfort or even fear within you, then you may be afflicted by this remarkably rare phobia.

While it may not be the most peculiar phobia that exists, there are individuals who fear various things, including balloons, Scottish accents, chewing food, baths overflowing, and even the late singer Michael Jackson.
If something exists or has existed, there is a high likelihood that someone, at some point, has experienced fear or apprehension towards it. Therefore, the notion of someone being afraid of seeing submerged objects is not implausible.

It is even possible that you yourself might unknowingly possess this phobia, simply because in your daily life, how often do you encounter submerged items?

The video provided above, curated by TikTokers @br1ghtfacts, presents a collection of images that would unsettle or frighten individuals with submechanophobia. Hence, if you peruse these images and experience a sense of unease, it is possible that you have discovered something new about yourself.

Many individuals who have taken the test have come to realize the true extent of fear that arises when they behold images of human creations claimed by water.
The test included a variety of images, such as sunken statues, flooded abandoned mineshafts, the wreckage of abandoned ships, and a staircase descending beneath an icy surface into dark water.

Interestingly, there was one specific picture that evoked a strong reaction from people, whether they had submechanophobia or not: the image of a sunken statue.

For instance, one individual described experiencing a jump scare from the picture, causing them to feel as if their soul momentarily departed their body.

Numerous other participants who were not affected by the other images still felt fear upon encountering the submerged statue.
As the viewers watched the entire sequence, some pondered, "Why am I feeling scared?" and openly admitted to flinching while browsing through the images.

For certain individuals, this experience served as confirmation that they did not possess the specific phobia being tested. However, a few individuals entertained the possibility that they may have stumbled upon a previously unknown phobia within themselves.

Another person expressed a fear of the unknown in the darkness, and since many submerged objects are distanced from a source of light, it imparts an eerier aspect to even mundane items.

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