Cardi B hurls microphone at fan after they threw a drink at her

Everyone enjoys going to a concert to watch their favourite musician play, but when do fans take it too far?

Lately, there has been an influx of fans behaving badly at concerts, which had sparked many controversies and calls for concert-goers to chill out and treat performers with respect.

After one instance of a phone being thrown left singer Bebe Rexha with a serious cut to her eye, fans are wondering why others actively throw phones and heavy items on stage when they are supposed to be enjoying the music instead.

But that wasn't the latest incident - in fact, it's just been ramping up.

During a recent performance of 'Bodak Yellow' in Las Vegas, Cardi B was accosted by a member of the audience who decided to throw her drink at the musician mid-performance.
Though Cardi B wasn't going to be taking that disrespect lying down, and very quickly lobbed her microphone straight at the person responsible as fans and the MC voiced their shock and concern over what had just happened.

After the video was uploaded to social media, with users going all in on the supposed beef between performer and audience member, a lot of fans were both baffled and a little proud of the rapper during the event.

As you can see in the video, which was captured at the time of the incident, the singer doesn't need any time to bounce back and immediately springs into action.

A Twitter user commented about the precision of her microphone throw: "Nah, Cardi need to be somebody quarterback, why it land perfectly".
Another was confused about why someone would even ruin the concert for themselves.

They typed: “Ion get why people waste money for a concert just to do some stupid f**king s**t to just end up getting kicked out”.

Though one user commented their dislike about female rappers and the content of their music, writing: “Am I the only person that say that people is getting sick and tired of these wack a** female rappers that made a come up on TikTok and reality TV. Rapping about their private parts.”
While many took to the comments to share their support for the ‘WAP’ rapper, others instead focused on the quality of the music during the stage attack, writing: “As a music lover, im just annoyed the entire song is playing when she’s supposed to be performing”.

But with so many celebrities such as Adele coming forward to let fans know that throwing items on stage isn’t cool, it’s a wonder why these events are still happening.

Would you throw a drink on your favourite rapper at a gig?

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