American living in Melbourne is ‘shocked’ Aussie men don’t buy women drinks like they do in the US

An American expatriate in Australia expressed her surprise at the dating culture in the country, where Australian men don't typically buy women drinks.
On TikTok, she uses the username 'Tate' and shared her amazement at the more reserved approach compared to men in her home country. Having relocated to Melbourne, she revealed in a video that she is still adapting to the dating norms there. She recalled feeling defeated after one of her initial outings at a bar in Australia.

"In America, it's very common for men to come up to you and offer to buy you a drink. Sometimes, it can even be too assertive; I've had experiences in places like Arizona and LA where men would approach, grab my arm, and insist on buying me a drink."

However, after she relocated to Australia, she noticed a significant difference in how strangers interacted at bars.

"It's so different here," she remarks.

"Men tend to be more laid-back, allowing you to initiate conversations, and they're not as forward with their approach. It was quite surprising. In the beginning, I felt a bit insecure, wondering why these guys weren't coming up to me. I know it may sound conceited, but based on my previous experiences, it just seemed odd that guys weren't approaching girls."

At one point, Tate shares that her Australian friend explained that men in Australia are less likely to approach strangers in social settings.
In response, she recounted a conversation with her friend where she was surprised to learn about paying for her own drinks during a night out in Australia.

"In America, there were times when I wouldn't even bring my wallet or card when going out because we used to rely on various tactics, tricks, and sometimes take advantage of men," she recalls.

"It was a common cultural practice, and the guys wouldn't expect anything in return. Most of the time, they wouldn't harass you for not giving them anything afterwards."

However, she suspects that the approach is different in Australia, stating, "If an Australian guy were to buy you a drink and you didn't engage in a conversation or show interest in going home with him, they'd be confused and question why they bought you a drink in the first place."

Many people, mostly Australians, expressed their opinions in the comment section, agreeing that they don't usually buy drinks to impress women.

One person shared, "I don't even buy drinks for my girlfriend; why would I buy one for strangers?"

Another pointed out, "The cost of living is extremely high."

A third commenter stated, "I went out every weekend for six years without speaking to a girl."

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