Al Roker gushes about being first-time grandfather to ‘perfect’ granddaughter Sky

Al Roker is over the moon.

The Today weatherman opened up about becoming a first-time grandparent to Sky Clara Laga during Monday’s episode.

“It is magical, it really is,” he said.

His granddaughter, who he insists was not named after his profession, was born July 3 to his daughter Courtney Roker and her husband Wesley Laga.

Al shared with his Today co-anchors that the family was “doing well.”

“You know, Courtney had a [cesarian section], so she’s struggling a little bit with that. And Wes, you know, I think the gravity of being a dad. But he still has that buoyant personality.”

As for Al, he’s overjoyed with his new role.

“The thing is, everyone tells you it’s going to be ‘this thing’ and you don’t know; it’s like when they tell you about having your first child. And then to hold this little girl, knowing almost 35 years ago I held her mom? And here she is, 5 lbs., 15 oz. 19 inches long and she’s just perfect.”

“I’m telling you, she’s a great sleeper,” he said of Sky. “Sleeps for four hours, wakes up, goes to the bathroom, sleeps another four. We’re on the same schedule!”

Al shared that he wasn’t the only family member who was “over the moon” about the newest addition to the family.

His 20-year-old son, Nick, whom he shares with wife Deborah Roberts, was also ecstatic to welcome Sky.

“He said, after he finished holding her, ‘I’m enthralled.’ “

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