Woman who killed a man as he raped her has case against her dropped

The murder case against a woman in Mexico, who fatally defended herself during a rape, has been dismissed.

The event took place while the woman, known as Roxana Ruiz, was working as a fry vendor in Nezahualcoyotl, a region in Mexico State known for its alarming levels of femicide and instances of women being forcefully disappeared.

During that time, Ruiz had a drink with a friend, a man she was acquainted with from her neighborhood. Subsequently, he volunteered to accompany her home due to the late hour and later requested to spend the night. According to the New Zealand Herald, despite the man sleeping in a separate bed, he unexpectedly assaulted and raped Ruiz. In self-defense, Ruiz fought back and tragically killed the man during the struggle.

During the court proceedings, the prosecution presented evidence that the man was struck on the head, rendering him unconscious. They argued that this would have provided sufficient grounds for Ruiz to defend herself. It was further revealed that in a state of panic, Ruiz placed the man's body in a bag and dragged it onto the street, where she was subsequently apprehended by passing police officers.

According to 脕ngel Carrera, the lawyer representing Ruiz, despite her informing the police about the rape, no forensic examination was conducted, which is a crucial step in prosecuting sexual assault cases.

Carrera further informed the court that instead of taking her claim seriously, the officers suggested that Ruiz had initially consented to sexual activity with the man and then changed her mind later.

The recent ruling by the Mexican court declared Ruiz guilty of homicide while acknowledging that she had been raped in 2021. The court believed she had employed "excessive use of legitimate defense." As a result, Ruiz was ordered to pay more than $16,000 to the man's family, as reported by The New York Post. This shocking decision sparked protests, as it meant Ruiz, an Indigenous woman and single mother of a four-year-old son, was facing a six-year prison sentence.

After the ruling, the 23-year-old expressed concern for her child's safety, especially in light of the increasing death threats she had been receiving. She stated to reporters her hope to reunite with her son and be there to witness his growth.

However, on Saturday evening (May 20), the state Prosecutor's Office released a press statement declaring that after investigating the case, Ruiz was found to be "exempt from guilt" and had acted in self-defense, according to the Post.

Although Ruiz's lawyer had not received formal notification of the charges being dropped, he remarked, "It means that they're recognizing her innocence. It's a recognition that she simply defended herself."

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