Woman runs through active shooting without realising due to her noise cancelling AirPods

A woman unknowingly ran through an ongoing shooting incident due to the effectiveness of her noise-canceling AirPods.

Christina, a TikToker with the handle @movementwithtina, shared a video of herself during her regular run, stating, "POV: Your AirPods are on noise-canceling mode, and your phone is on Do Not Disturb, so you don't realize you just ran through an active shooting."
In the clip, she can be seen jogging along a residential street while sirens blare in the background, cheerfully giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

In the caption, she added, "The sirens in the background and my blissful unawareness are cracking me up. But honestly, this was a truly intense situation, and I deeply apologize to those injured and affected by it."

Christina uploaded the video on May 4th, the same day Atlanta police were engaged in an extensive manhunt for the suspected gunman, Deion Patterson.

Deputy Chief Charles Hampton of the Atlanta Police reported that 24-year-old Patterson went to Northside Medical Midtown shortly before noon and fatally shot a 38-year-old woman while injuring four others.

After leaving the medical center on foot, he seized an unattended pickup truck, and surveillance cameras captured the vehicle's license plate number in Cobb County 20 minutes later.

Patterson was ultimately apprehended within a gated condominium complex located a little over 10 miles north of the shooting scene.
Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens condemned the incident as a "terrible act of gun violence" and stressed the need for greater measures to protect citizens' rights to go about their daily lives without the constant threat of gun-related incidents.

In a subsequent video, Christina responded to a user who commented, "I'm sorry, but AirPods' noise cancellation isn't that good, lol."

She explained the sequence of events and expressed that discussing it still felt surreal to her.

"I reside in midtown Atlanta, and I went for a 5k run," explained the TikToker.

"I followed my usual route and set my phone to Do Not Disturb - I always do that when I go for my run."

Christina continued, "I had my AirPods on noise-canceling mode because I run through residential streets where there are usually many people, and I've never encountered any issues on those streets."

"In order to reach the residential streets, I had to pass through the main parts of the city. So as I was running, I passed caution tape, numerous police officers, ambulances, and there was a large crowd of people outside."

She mentioned that she was accustomed to seeing such scenes in Atlanta, though perhaps not on that scale, and she simply assumed it was due to construction work or a car accident.
"So I kept running," she recollected.

"It was only when I noticed more police officers heading toward the residential streets, clearly searching for the shooter, that I began to think something was amiss."

"I took a quick break and checked my phone, where I saw that my boyfriend had tried calling me and sent multiple messages saying things like, 'Hey, it's on your route, please answer.'"

Christina assured that she was "totally fine" and decided to return home using a different route for her run.

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