Widowed groom recalls the moment he learned his new wife had been killed

The groom, who became a widower after his wife's tragic death on their wedding day, has shared his recollection of the moment he received the devastating news.
As previously mentioned, Samantha "Sam" Hutchinson, a 34-year-old woman, and Aric Hutchinson, the love of her life, got married on April 28th of this year. Surrounded by their loved ones, they celebrated their union in a beautiful wedding ceremony held at Folly Beach in South Carolina.

Shortly before departing from their wedding reception at 10:00 PM, the newly married couple was captured in a photograph, radiating joy as they headed towards a golf cart that would transport them away from the venue.
Unfortunately, their happiness was abruptly shattered when their golf cart was involved in a devastating collision caused by an alleged drunk driver. The individual responsible for the accident has been identified as Jamie Lee Komoroski, a 25-year-old.
Tragically, Sam was pronounced dead at the scene, while Aric was urgently transported to the hospital where doctors discovered he had suffered multiple fractures and brain trauma. In response to this devastating situation, Aric's mother, Annette Hutchinson, created a GoFundMe page to alleviate the mounting medical expenses and contribute to the funeral costs for his late wife.

Despite being established less than two weeks ago, the GoFundMe campaign has garnered an astonishing $704,000 in donations, accompanied by heartfelt condolences from nearly 20,000 individuals.

This week, Aric appeared on Good Morning America to share his account of the horrific incident and the moment he received the devastating news of his wife's passing. Reflecting on his deep affection for Sam, Aric expressed, "Sam had an undeniable radiance. When she entered a room, everyone took notice." He struggled to comprehend the abrupt shift from an all-time high to an all-time low on that fateful night, describing the difficulty of processing the sudden turn of events.

Aric then recounted the moment he learned about Sam's death, explaining that he has no recollection of the actual crash. However, he vividly remembers the last words Sam spoke to him. "The last thing I recall her saying was that she wished the night would never end," he shared. He then revealed that his next memory was waking up in a hospital room, immediately inquiring about his wife.

"It was at that moment when my mother informed me about the incident and informed me that Sam didn't survive," he recounted, his voice filled with sorrow.

Furthermore, during the interview, Aric opened up about his emotions regarding Komoroski, the intoxicated driver responsible for the collision. On Wednesday of this week (May 17), he took legal action by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against her, as well as several bars and restaurants where she purportedly consumed alcohol on the night of the incident.

The lawsuit also named Komoroski's employer and supervisor, alleging that they exerted "pressure" on her to attend an event and consume "excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages" before the accident occurred. However, Aric stated that he is not yet prepared to directly address Komoroski.

"At this moment, I can't," he expressed. "I would like to. I mean, she took away an extraordinary human being who should never have been lost."

During this tragic time, our heartfelt sympathies go out to Aric, Sam's family, and their loved ones.

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