Vegan family send note to neighbors asking them to stop cooking meat with the window open

A handwritten letter from an upset vegan family was used to confront their neighbor about their cooking habits.
Sarah, a wife and mother residing in Burns Beach, Australia's northern suburb, wrote a note expressing concern about the "upsetting" meat aroma emanating from the neighbor's house.

In the letter, Sarah requested the neighbors to consider her "important message" and made a somewhat unusual appeal.

The opening line of the note reads: "Hello, Neighbor. Could you please close your side window while cooking, please?"

Sarah explained that her family is vegan and the smell of cooking meat makes them feel sick and upset. She kindly asked for their understanding. The note was signed by Sarah, Wayne, and their children.

According to the Daily Mail, the letter was later shared on the Hey Perth Facebook page.

The message has sparked a division among social media users, with the majority disagreeing with the vegan family and criticizing what they consider entitled behavior.

One person humorously remarked, "I would fire up the smoker and cook a 12-hour brisket, with a sausage sizzle for lunch. So entitled."

Another user suggested, "They should go live in the countryside. Everyone cooks, and there are some smells I can't tolerate, but this is outrageous."

A third individual commented, "As a resident of Burns Beach, I quite enjoy the aromas of people's dinners while walking my dog and trying to guess if they're having roasts, BBQs, curries, etc. I would host a backyard spit roast and invite Wayne and Sarah over for a beer."
Meanwhile, some individuals viewed the request as polite and reasonable. One person commented, "Why are there so many negative remarks? I consume meat myself, but the requester was courteous and respectful, and it's not difficult to close a window. Instead of turning it into a major problem, why not just be a considerate neighbor and close the window?"

Another user expressed frustration in the comments section about the prevalence of "hate talk" on social media whenever someone expresses a differing opinion. They stated, "This constant exchange of hateful comments is embarrassing. We all have different perspectives and ways of living." They continued, "While I personally enjoy meat, I can see how this post contributes to social shaming and further divides us. It disappoints me that this is the behavior we are teaching our children."

They added, "I believe we can find a compromise that works for everyone. Isn't it better to foster a sense of community and support among our neighbors rather than promoting hatred?"
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