'UK's richest gypsy' shares his brutal 15-hour a day routine that helps him earn his billions

The individual known as the 'wealthiest gypsy in the UK' has disclosed the rigorous daily schedule he follows, spanning 15 hours, which contributes to his ability to maintain his billion-pound empire.
Alfie Best Snr, who dedicated numerous years to establishing his extensive business holdings valued at over £1.2 billion, originated from modest origins.

From his upbringing in a caravan to experiencing a complete loss during an economic downturn, his path to success has certainly not been without its challenges.

Commencing in 1989, he ventured into property investments, generating an annual income of £200,000, all the while driving a pristine, recently acquired Porsche.
Nevertheless, when the economic recession struck, his business faced a severe setback, resulting in a complete loss.

However, during the 1990s, he successfully reversed his fortunes by delving into the realm of mobile phone investments.

In a remarkable feat, he managed to establish 18 stores nationwide within a span of 18 months.

During the subsequent decade, Alfie ventured into affordable housing investments, amassing a personal fortune of £5 million.

Fast forward twenty years, he now possesses Europe's largest affordable housing solution, which holds a staggering value exceeding one billion pounds.

The extraordinary tale of his life has been captured in a newly released film titled Gypsy Billionaire: A Great British Success Story.
During an interview with the Daily Star, he discussed his daily regimen that played a crucial role in amassing a personal fortune amounting to £745 million.

"I rise early and depart by 6:45am," he revealed.

"It takes around an hour, maybe an hour and fifteen minutes, to reach my office. During this time, I focus on making international calls. It's like purchasing time for me."

"Once I arrive at the office, the utmost priority is to address and respond to my emails."
"After completing that task, I have a routine in place to oversee every single one of our businesses. Each of these enterprises maintains a cash flow and operates according to a specific business plan."

"If any of them deviate from the plan, I contact them promptly. Should any issues arise, I make it a point to personally visit these businesses, whether it's by helicopter or car."

Alfie concluded, "Typically, my workday wraps up around nine to ten o'clock. However, I wouldn't characterize it as work; I genuinely take pleasure in what I do."

Recently, the billionaire shared his thoughts on his son's decision to embrace Islam.

Alfie Best Jnr, aged 25, believes he is the first traveler to convert to Islam, a transformation that occurred during a lunch excursion to Cornwall.
In an interview with The Sun, Alfie Jnr expressed, "I am one-of-a-kind - I am the sole gypsy who has embraced Islam."

"I have no desire to conceal it. As a traveler, I have faced stigma ever since my school days, and it persists to this day."

"I have confronted it throughout my entire life, and it doesn't truly bother me. If anything, it has made me a stronger individual."

Alfie Snr, who gained recognition through his appearance on the reality show Absolutely Ascot, shared his thoughts by saying, "I am certain that in his journey as a Muslim, he will encounter further challenges. However, considering his background, I know he possesses the strength to handle the detractors."

"I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported Alfie Jnr on his path, and even to the few individuals who have shown their true thoughts and colors as haters. Being successful may be challenging, but being a father is also not without its difficulties. Nevertheless, loving my family is effortless, and they consistently make me proud."

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