TV presenter Megyn Kelly slams Charlize Theron's view over drag queens

Once again, Megyn Kelly, the American news anchor, is making waves! The contentious TV host has responded with anger to Charlize Theron's recent remarks regarding individuals who are against drag shows.
Despite their contrasting opinions, there exists an intriguing link between the presenter and the South African actress.

Interestingly, Theron portrayed Kelly in the film Bombshell, which depicts the true story of three Fox News journalists who exposed their misogynistic CEO.

However, despite this connection, the news anchor had few complimentary words for the 47-year-old actress.

Kelly's criticism arose after the renowned star of Atomic Blonde defended drag acts in a video created for the Drag Isn't Dangerous telethon fundraiser.

The telethon successfully raised over $500,000 for various charitable causes, responding to the enactment of anti-LGBTQ+ laws in several parts of the United States, along with the prohibition of public drag shows in certain states.

Theron's video quickly went viral, as she confidently declared her support to drag performers, stating, "We've got you, and I will fiercely confront anyone who tries to harm you."

She further emphasized, "In all seriousness, there are far more pressing issues that are harming and endangering our children, and we all understand the current situation, and it definitely does not involve drag queens."

Concluding her message, the Academy Award-winning actress urged people to support the numerous commendable organizations working to eradicate such nonsensical attitudes.
While numerous individuals have lauded the actor's endeavors, Megyn Kelly stood apart from the admirers. On her podcast bearing her name, the contentious news anchor vehemently responded to the A-Lister and inaccurately asserted that the telethon generated funds solely for drag queens.
In her response, Kelly boldly expressed, "Okay, so why doesn't Charlize Theron confront me about this? Because I am completely opposed to her position."

While acknowledging the "strange connection" between them, Kelly insinuated that the actor endorsed grooming due to her standpoint on drag shows.

She admitted, "Yes, there are entertaining drag queen performances. I have attended some myself," and clarified, "they were exclusively for adults."

However, Kelly raised concerns about certain drag shows that she found deeply troubling and taking place in front of young children. She urged people to be aware of what they support, even though she did not provide evidence of such misconduct.
Furthermore, the host went as far as mentioning Theron's daughter, Jackson, who recently underwent a gender transition from male to female.

Emphatically, the provocative host asserted, "Comprehend the true nature of what we witness, which can potentially involve the inappropriate influencing of young children." She continued, "Even [Theron] should oppose such actions, regardless of whether her child is transgender or not."

Kelly also censured drag shows for incorporating "sexual behavior" and alleged that they enticed children to engage in similar acts. However, she declined to provide any specific instances as examples.

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