Tom Hanks wants Idris Elba to be the next James Bond

After Daniel Craig retired from his portrayal of James Bond, the iconic role is now available, and Tom Hanks believes he knows the ideal candidate to succeed him!
The esteemed 66-year-old actor, renowned for his performances in films such as Castaway and Forrest Gump, among numerous other notable works, recently participated in an interview with the BBC. During the conversation, he reflected on his illustrious career and shared details about his forthcoming debut novel.

Hanks, a recipient of two Academy Awards, is preparing to release his book titled The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, which draws inspiration from his own journey in the film industry. Commencing the writing process in 2018, he revealed to the BBC, "I penned it amidst film shoots, wherever I found myself. Whether on airplanes, at home, on vacations, in hotel rooms, or during extended weekends when I wasn't working."
However, as is customary in contemporary engaging discussions, the conversation eventually turned to the question: "In your opinion, who do you believe possesses the suitable qualities to portray the next James Bond?"
Fictional secret agent James Bond, famously identified by his codename 007, made his initial appearance in Ian Fleming's spy novels in the early 1950s. The series gained immense popularity, leading producers to acquire the film rights in the 1960s, resulting in 27 James Bond movies to date, with the most recent being 2021's No Time To Die, according to Us Weekly.

Throughout the extensive 60-year history of the franchise, numerous actors have taken on the highly coveted role of the enigmatic international man of mystery. Notable names include Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.

Consequently, when news emerged that another Bond film might grace the screens in the coming years, the inevitable question arose: "Who will assume the mantle of Bond?" Naturally, the casting process for an actor to portray the iconic British spy, known for his preference for martinis being "shaken, not stirred," will be a rigorous endeavor. However, Hanks appears convinced that a particular actor is a perfect fit for the role.

"In my opinion," Hanks conveyed to the BBC, "James Bond possesses a license to kill. Based solely on the remarkable work I've witnessed from him, I would grant that license to Idris Elba." Hanks finds himself in agreement with former Bond actor Brosnan, who expressed to People in 2021: "Idris Elba immediately comes to mind. He exudes incredible presence and possesses a phenomenal voice. He would be exceptional."

Brosnan also added, "Additionally, there's Tom Hardy. Tom has a distinct ability to captivate audiences; he can truly immerse himself in a character. Both of these gentlemen possess immense potential."
Although we can generate enthusiasm for Elba's potential portrayal, the ultimate decision lies with him as to whether he accepts the role or not. This matter is something he has previously discussed. "It is not a career objective of mine. I don't believe that playing Bond would fulfill certain personal aspirations," he conveyed, as reported by IndieWire.

Elba also raised doubts about whether the fervent public desire for him to assume the role stemmed from the "appeal" of having a Black man portray the character for the first time. He questioned, "If you are in agreement that I should take on the role, can you examine why and honestly answer why you believe I should take on the role? Is there a sense of nostalgia - and let's be truthful, a sense of nostalgia - surrounding the notion? Is there an allure to the idea of me being the first Black man to embody that character?"

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