Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrate 35th wedding anniversary: ‘Love is everything!’

On the occasion of their 35th wedding anniversary, Rita Wilson, the actress known for her role in "Sleepless in Seattle" alongside her husband Tom Hanks, shared a photo on her Instagram account of Tom looking into her eyes as she smiled while he presented her with a cake with "Happy Anniversary" written in white icing. In the caption, she declared "Love is everything".
Their Hollywood friends, such as Jennifer Garner, congratulated them on their anniversary. Tom and Rita first met on the set of "Bosom Buddies" in 1981 when he was still married to his first wife.
They married a year after he divorced his first wife and have two children together, Colin and Elizabeth, and two sons, Chet and Truman.

Despite the challenges they faced, including Chet's struggle with addiction and Rita's breast cancer diagnosis, the couple's love endures.

The actor expressed that he shares a similar emotional connection with his real-life partner as he did with his on-screen love interest in a particular role.

He cited the example of his character in the movie "Forrest Gump", who deeply loved his partner Jenny. According to him, his personal relationship with his wife Rita helped him relate to and understand the character's experiences better.

The commentator added a playful remark suggesting that the couple's adorable statements were becoming overwhelming.

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