Toddler Hears Grandma Utter “Bad Word” And Throws The Most Adorable Fit.

Meet Josephine, affectionately known as "Josie the D.I.T" or the "Diva in Training," within her family circle.
For over nine years, Josie's father has been sharing delightful videos of his adorable daughter showcasing her humorous and cute antics. One of their most popular videos, titled "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," was recorded when she was just 23 months old and has garnered over 13 million views. However, there is another particular video that holds a special place in their hearts.

In this particular video, little Josie truly lives up to her "Diva" nickname as she scolds her grandma for uttering a "bad word."

"I'm not talking to Mimi," she declares to the camera, visibly upset. "Because I'm really upset!"

And she means business. With a scrunched-up face, Josie conveys her seriousness by stating, "It's not funny, Mimi! I told you!" However, the priceless moment comes when she reveals her plan for handling the situation with her grandma.

"When my mommy and daddy pick me up, I'm gonna tell them," young Josie asserts. "And right away, I'm gonna go home, take a rest, and then I'm gonna be upset."

The room erupts in laughter as they inquire why she is so upset, to which she responds, "Because she's saying bad words to me!"

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