Teen Saved By Dead Cellphone After Witnessing Dad's Murder, Hid In Wilderness For 30 Hours

In 2020, we reported on the tragic story about Dr. Ari Gershman, who was gunned down in cold blood while visiting a forest near Lake Tahoe.
Dr. Gershman and his 15-year-old son were on their Fourth of July getaway, off-roading through the Tahoe National Forest, when the random murder took place.

After witnessing his dad being shot, the terrified teen ran up a hill to hide, and to get a better cellphone signal to call 911.

Authorities knew he was alive because the cellphone was moving ... but his battery then died.

He was now trapped in the wilderness, all alone with no food or water or cellphone service.

It was up to him to use his survival skills — for the next 30 hours.

The following day, the teen attempted to turn his phone back on, but he wasn't sure if it worked since the screen didn't light up.

However, this proved to be the clue the police needed. And they put their investigative skills to use in order to find him.

At least 10 different agencies were involved in the search. As you're about to see, the teen was ultimately saved by his own cellphone even after it died.

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