Sweden’s Loreen wins Eurovision 2023

Sweden has emerged as the victor of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, as Loreen, the singer who previously won the competition in 2012, once again claimed the top position, surpassing 25 other finalists.
With her song 'Tattoo', which has already reached the number one spot on Sweden's national record chart, Sverigetopplistan, since its release in February, Loreen has achieved another remarkable victory.

According to the official Eurovision website, Loreen herself possesses several tattoos, including her favorite one in Arabic, conveying the message, "You suffer, you learn, you change."

She strongly embraces this phrase, which has been permanently inked on her side.
A wide range of musical genres took the stage this year, as Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, France, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Albania, Italy, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, Belgium, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Norway, Lithuania, Israel, Slovenia, Croatia, and the UK competed fiercely in the grand final held in Liverpool.

During the earlier part of the evening, Loreen's performance left viewers under the impression that it was a homage to Wolverine, partly due to her extraordinarily long nails. Meanwhile, Finland's song titled 'Cha Cha Cha' provided a comedic element for those who were following the event with subtitles on, leading to fits of laughter.
Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra emerged as the winners of the previous year's contest, securing a total of 631 points from a combination of public and jury votes.

However, due to the ongoing war with Russia in Ukraine, it was deemed too risky to host the Eurovision contest in the country for 2023, breaking the tradition of hosting rights for the winning nation. Consequently, the responsibility fell upon the UK, which had finished as the runner-up.

Prior to competing in Eurovision, members of Kalush Orchestra were actively involved on the frontlines of the Ukrainian war. They received special permission to participate in the competition and expressed their sense of duty towards their country during an interview with Eurovision TV. They stated, "We feel a significant responsibility since we were granted permits to leave Ukraine and be here. In this moment, we have a duty to be of use to our country. Despite the lack of opportunities for extensive rehearsals, we have gone into 'extra mode'. We are working tirelessly and doing everything we can to make this happen. It's been heartwarming to witness people singing along to our song, even if they didn't know all the words. We truly appreciate the support for Ukraine and for us."

The UK's representative, Sam Ryder, achieved the country's strongest finish in decades with his song 'Space Man,' securing a total of 466 points and winning the jury vote. This marked the UK's best performance since 1997 when Katrina and the Waves' 'Love Shine a Light' brought home the Eurovision victory. In recent years, the UK has experienced several last-place finishes, including the 2021 entry where James Newman failed to score any points.

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